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Have you ever loved someone in a way you cannot explain the feeling? You know how you feel, you love the feeling but words can’t describe how you feel.

You try to explain how you feel but words fail you, It’s unexplainable.

You try to describe how you feel but it’s indescribable. You can’t find the right adjective to describe it.


It’s not like you’ve never been in love, You’ve fallen in love many times but this feeling is different. In the past you could explain how you felt, you were eloquent with words. You expressed how you felt to the one you loved freely but with this one it’s different. Words fail you. You go blank when you try to explain how you feel.

The feeling is different, it’s new. It’s a new kind of LOVE.

Hello LHers!!! I’m sorry I went AWOL. Please forgive me I’ve been busy. I’m not back fully but i will try to update the blog from time to time.


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  1. Andy Adonis

    My opinion!

    I think people sometime look younger than their age. Sometimes it cool but could deny you some stuffs in a group 👬 of “g$nerals”. It only valuable in social scene but otherwise…..

    Beside lilieshaven if your pics is current then…. Sealed lips.



  2. To answer ur question, i would say “yes”, but only when u engage such persons in a conversation u come 2 realize that they are older than they actually look.But sometimes we dnt get to dt point; I’m talking general now, not just concerning marriage issue


  3. Annie

    Hello Ms Lily,it feels like it’s been ages…I’ve been very busy…I’ve really missed ur posts,like seriously! I wouldn’t mind losing some weight and looking younger than my age. I used 2 be very slim back den and ppl wud mk jest of me,telling me if I wud ever get fat,some where like,do I even grow?I was even intimated most times,dat I lost my self esteem at times,I never knew dey were jealous of my beautiful body…so,instead of telling me,I looked beautiful,they wud use degrading words jst 2 mk demselves feel good…Fastforward to 4years later,I added some flesh and funny enough,those same ppl dat were like,dnt u ever get fat,are nw like? I can’t believe u had fats in U all dis while,pls slow down oh,dnt get fatter dan dis oh,aaaarrrggghhh,do u want 2 burst? D funny thing is, when i look at myself in d mirror,I’m nt soooooooo fat,as dey mk me believe,I’m jst ok and still looking beautiful! I’ve learnt in life,dat ppl are entitled 2 their own opinion bt nt every1’s opinion shud matter in ur life….So,Ms Lily,if u want 2 lose some weight go on…Do watever makes U HAPPY! LoVe Ya!!


  4. Ifeoluwa

    I don’t think it does sha, for me I look younger than my age and I still get attention of people older, so I think it’s d way one carries their self. Although some people get to disrespect u at times.


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