So today makes it six years my dad died. I swear I did not remember it was today. I also did not remember last year and two years ago.

I told my friend, Chisom that I was going to stop putting it on social media or telling people about it every time it was March 10, because I wanted people to stop feeling sorry for me. I want them to stop throwing pity party for me.

It worked last year because I totally forgot. I remembered sometime in May and I brushed it aside. This year, over sabi Facebook reminded me as soon as I logged into my account on my computer this Morning and for a while all I could do was stare.

I looked at my previous posts over the years and I felt this wave. I became teary. It was something I couldn’t control but then I said to myself “don’t do this, You know how much you hate it when people start feeling sorry for you.” I smiled and I continued watching the movie I was watching yesterday.

And then something funny happened: few minutes after I resumed the movie, the star character lost his wife to cancer and I became emotional again (lol).

But I learned something from what he said at her funeral. He said, “No matter how much you prepare yourself for the loss of a loved one, no matter how many weeks or months you had to settle it in your mind and in your heart, there still comes that inevitable shock and that grim final blow when you realise that the one most precious is no longer there.”

He said all these while he was mourning her, and when he was finally healed emotionally, we continued our conversation because it felt like we were communicating even though he was the only one talking…

“There are mountain tops experiences in our journey through this world…

Those rare and lucid moments when everything seems right and anything is possible.

There are also those strange times when things do not add up or make sense When we seem to be forgotten…

When the heavens are brass But its all the moments, good and bad…

That make up life.

And the most important thing to do with life…

Is to live it.”

” Deep right?”

We only get to live life once, make it worth it.

Hello LHers!!!



4 thoughts on “WE ONLY LIVE LIFE ONCE

  1. Annie says:

    Could u believe I totally 4got as well…infact,I can tell u I dnt even knw d date again sef…I believe,dat wen u lose a loved one,it’s nt abt keeping dates dat makes u feel u missed d person,it is about d impart dat person made in our lives and carrying out What DAD thought US! May his soul rest in peace!!!!


  2. Ifeoluwa says:

    My dear I love ur strength and courage, not many people can do this. Thank God for filling this vacuum in ur heart. It is well with u.


  3. Honestly, I am not amazed at your display of strength despite the loss of a loved one. You are one of the strongest women I’ve known so far on my sojourn on this planet. It’s okay to hurt when we remember loved ones. Stay blessed.

    BTW, You didn’t tell us the title of the movie @lily?


  4. HephzibahJay says:

    Sad as it seems, life must go on.

    We can only hold on to the good old memories in our heart.

    I’m sure he’s looking proudly down at you, at the fine young woman you’ve grown into.

    May his soul continue to rest in peace.


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