Yippee!!! its two weeks i started blogging… If you were to rate me on a scale of 1-10, what number would i be? You better not rate me below 10… just kidding….
Today’s post is a conversation that occurred between a colleague and I… you see, my colleague came to work today with a very looooooong face, when i saw him, i became concerned but couldn’t say anything but knowing his kind of person, i knew he would talk to me if he truly needs my help. I put on my computer, ready to start my day’s job still hoping in my heart that he would tell me what’s wrong with him…Lily i heard him call my name and in my heart, i flipped and said yay!!! because finally, he gets to spill what’s bugging him…then he says… i need your input on this matter, i know you’re a lady, so you will understand the situation better than me. I told him i will try and give my honest opinion but i might not be right tho but i will try.


And he goes…

MY COLLEAGUE: Please i need you to listen to what i have to say.
ME: Okay, i’m all ears.
MY COLLEAGUE: I called someone yesterday (take note, he didn’t say girlfriend in the beginning of the conversation) at about past 7pm, when i called her, she picked and told me she would call back soon, i noticed that where she was was a little noisy, like she was in a party. Although, she told me she would be going to see her friend because she was organising something. (i really can’t explain or probably i have forgotten what he said there but i sha know he said she was going for an event) After waiting for her call for hours, i decided to call her back. I tried her number, it rang and i didn’t get any response from her. I called her severally like my life depended on hearing from her but still, no response. i called until late in the night but the babe no gree pick my call o…lol…you see ehn, she has two phones, a blackberry and a nokia torchlight phone and i tried both phones but when i got no result, i got tired and sent her two messages, one for each phone. (Although, he didn’t tell me the content of his messages) The following morning which is today, she called me and was apologising that she is sorry for not picking my calls, she said i forgot her phone where she was charging it and went home, actually, she said someone came to pick her and she forgot the phone, she said it was the same person who dropped her, brought the phone she forgot last night (i’m assuming this person is a guy) She has been bombarding me with calls since morning o.
After his long story, he asked me if the chic is saying the truth or something scary happened last night. (i hope you understand what i mean by scary).
ME: I’m a lady but truth is, she might be telling you what truly happened if this is the first time its happening but if otherwise, she may be lying.
MY COLLEAGUE: This is not the first time she’s doing it, she did it one time, something similar sef, that was how i called and called her for where, the babe no gree pick my call, she later said something happened that night that was why she couldn’t respond or return my calls.

ME: Hmmm! That’s serious mehn, this is a hard one o but she should have told you she would call you back that her batteries are down and she wants to charge them, why did she now tell you she would call back when she wasn’t too sure of herself… How is it possible that she forgot two phones at the same time and the same person (who is a guy) that dropped her last night, brought her phones for her the following day? I still find it hard to understand the matter o

MY COLLEAGUE: I’m tired of this her behavior, now she’s disturbing my phones with calls trying to explain and apologise for what she did. She acts like she has done something wrong other than forgetting her phones o. Maybe something happened last night, i can’t say but seriously, i am tired, i don’t understand what is going on.
ME: I know babes o and how they behave with their blackberry, me inclusive. e go hard for me to forget my bb o. but wait first, how come she forgot both phones? I no say Nokia torchlight phone battery nor dey die like that na. This one that she has done it before, i don’t know what to say or think again o.
I know i didn’t really help my colleague with my input, maybe i didn’t tell him what he wanted to hear but he is the one in the relationship, he has been with her for sometime now, he knows how she behaves, he knows her friends, i think he should get in touch with one of them that attended the party to know what truly happened. He doesn’t have to remain in the relationship if he feels threatened by her behavior/actions. I don’t think a relationship without trust should exist, it should be destroyed ASAP… Yes… i just said so, it should be destroyed.. Like my friend somii would always say “it’s just a relationship, it’s not a do or die affair.” 
What do you guys think?







52 thoughts on “THE CONVERSATION 1

  1. Olaitan says:

    Lol your colleague had better roll out of the relationship! The babe is cheating! Not the 1st time she is doing this ba? Like hell she is cheating! If the guy is not convinced make he carry the FBI spirit wey i get! He should investigate the matter shikena!


  2. Grrr…I wanted to be FTC…..Happy New Year mami!!!!!

    Okay, mami, I don’t wanna work with any kinda assumption eh…Here is what I believe, forgetting 2 phones in a place doesn’t make any sense to me. And if she actually forgot her phones, I don’t understand ‘What she still wants to explain’….I mean, it is a simple, ‘Yo! I forgot my phone somewhere and my friend brought them for me now and that is why I am calling’….I mean, how hard can it be right?…..Mami, the girl needs to be checked mehn!…

    Love mi some TTT President!


    • Yay! Tibs of life is here…smiles. Same thing I thought, if you’re clean, just tell him you’re sorry you left your phone and forget about it, no need calling a thosand times to apologise if you didn’t do anything. Thanks for your input Mami


    • Yay! Tibs of life is here…smiles. Same thing I thought, if you’re clean, just tell him you’re sorry you left your phone and forget about it, no need calling a thosand times to apologise if you didn’t do anything. Thanks for your input Mami.


  3. I guess ur colleague’s lady is just using the phones as an alabi for whatever she did. I think he likes her so much. They ain’t married yet so dude can still stick around till his thoughts become a reality. #MyPlayfulOpinion.


  4. zeezah says:

    Lol! She might be telling the truth, no one can be certain. The reason babe kips calling might be cuz she knows her bf doesn’t belive er and she needs to convince him…*just saying doe*


    • As in ehn, we need a CIA for this matter o, I wish we could even ask google if the babe is telling the truth, would have made the matter easy for us. Thanks Eyiteee for your comment, you are highly sighted from here.


  5. Well, i’ll never leave my BlackBerry anywhere especially when my small phone isn’t with me…. so I have the strongest feeling that she’s lying…
    Lily of life, the babe hand no clean at all, make they check am wella

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  6. IVORY 01 says:

    the girl needs to be checked..she is not sincere..what kind of event will she forget both phones.she is not being it the persons house she charged both that thesame person had to return it..the girl no pure..if i am charging.i intimate people importnt to me that i will be goin off.i dont joke with my phone either


  7. How can you forget two phones….even if you have to forget your bb what about the Nokia? I find it hard to believe tho.there is something fishy it’s either the guy is just a “sideguy and the babes was with the main guy and picking up the call in the presence of the main guy na go be.


    • Yay!!!! Lohla scored me 11.5/10 meaning I dey try. Thanks mami, appreciate. Funny comment, at first, I thought you had her back but when I read further, I realised you were yimu-ing her. Funny you.


  8. Dee says:

    Hmmm d babe might be saying d truth but I don’t think she is,her two phones cannot b down at same time but who knows,mayb they noget light for her area to charge lols
    Lily d lily,great blog!


  9. sunny Joseph says:

    Hmmmmm! Girls forget their BB over nite? They will rather forget their shoes then forgetting BB. That girl is short of LIARBILITY ideologies. I pity the poor humble lover boy. My advice is for Ur colleague to give her benefit of d doubt just to safe his emotion from crashing. 99 days for d thief, one day for d owner. The truth will reveal itself one day……………………….. Good job lilly I’m proud of u.


  10. eze vincent says:

    That babe can lie for africa!thats how my former babe was jonzing me untill I caught her red handed!my brother ask her wella!na she sabi were she go!


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