Yippee!!! its two weeks i started blogging… If you were to rate me on a scale of 1-10, what number would i be? You better not rate me below 10… just kidding….
Today’s post is a conversation that occurred between a colleague and I… you see, my colleague came to work today with a very looooooong face, when i saw him, i became concerned but couldn’t say anything but knowing his kind of person, i knew he would talk to me if he truly needs my help. I put on my computer, ready to start my day’s job still hoping in my heart that he would tell me what’s wrong with him…Lily i heard him call my name and in my heart, i flipped and said yay!!! because finally, he gets to spill what’s bugging him…then he says… i need your input on this matter, i know you’re a lady, so you will understand the situation better than me. I told him i will try and give my honest opinion but i might not be right tho but i will try.


And he goes…

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