In 2016 I made a decision that changed my life for good. Thinking about it now, I think it’s one of the highest points of my 2016.

You see, when I wanted to take this decision I was scared, I kept asking myself if I was sure I was doing the right thing. My spirit was restless. I knew I had to do it now or regret it in future.

Truth is, this was a decision I should have taken years back. I could have saved myself of some things, but I was too weak to… I kept on holding on to something that was complicated.

Along the line, I lost myself and started believing what I was told. I felt I had to “keep living the kind of life I was deceived into living,” because I thought it was the only way to live but deep down my heart was troubled. I knew something wasn’t right, some things didn’t add up and I was not myself anymore. I wasn’t the confident girl I used to know, I stopped being social, I lost myself.


Come December 31st 2015 I had a heart to heart talk with my Father. We discussed about it. I told him I was tired and I needed his help. I told him what I wanted to do in 2016 and he assured me of his love and support. He told me to allow him take control of the situation and asked me to just trust him that he would walk me through.

January came and I had still not made the decision. One would have thought after talking with my Father it would be easy to do. Towards the end of the month, I said to myself that it was time. I spoke with my mum and some friends and they all agreed.
1st of February I finally did it. Yes, I took the bold step although it wasn’t easy. I cried for days. I looked for whom to blame for what had happened but there was no one. Then I went back to my First Love (God) and my life has been wonderful since then.

Sometimes we hold on to situations due to uncertainties. I know it’s not easy to take some decisions, but if it doesn’t seem right then it’s not right.

I wish all LHers a Wonderful New Year!!!



6 thoughts on “LETTING GO… 

  1. Annie says:

    Ftc! Welcome bk dearie…thank God u finally made d right decision 2 let go of watever dat was….at times,lettting go is d best thing we can eva do 4 ourselves,wen we hold on to things our heart doesn’t feel right we end up hurting ourselves.Merry Christmas and Happy new year in advance Family!

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  2. HephzibahJay says:

    Oh well, as humans we are quite reluctant to leave our ‘comfort zone’. We ask, “what if there’s nothing better out there?”, as an excuse to stay put. Thank God you finally achieved inner peace.

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