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Hello LHers


Walks in,  uses selfie stick to remove cobweb, opens bag to get a piece of paper,  places it on a dusty chair,  sits down and waves at LHers.  What’s up Familee?!!! Whatagwan? Mehn,  Yeah I know,  my bad.   It’s been ages.  I have been so busy,  the last time I got on this space was the last time I posted on the blog.  I have been scared of visiting the blog because I feel guilty for not keeping in touch. What have LHers been up to?  Na wa o,  una nor even fit check on me to no if I still dey dis country or not,  nor be so o (lol).
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Thank God it’s Friday baby!!!! Mehn I need this rest like I need air to breathe lol. What’s up LHers???!!! How has your week been? Do you guys remember my post on ‘8 things I have noticed about Telemundo soaps?’ If you missed it, you can check it here. I noticed that the craze for Telemundo soaps have been moved to another channel called ‘Zee World,’ (could be wrong tho) but everyone seems to be talking about ‘tashan-e-ishq,’ ‘Doli Armaanon’ etc. I also heard that their storylines are different and more interesting than Telemundo’s. I remember when Zee World was showing ‘Married Again,’ some people did not allow me to hear word (dem know demselves) even our very own Kemi Adetiba went to Facebook to ask her friends what happened the day she missed it SMH. Thank God they haff finished showing it, we can now rest (didn’t follow it tho).
A colleague and I were discussing this morning about both channels and when I asked him which channel he prefers, he said Zee World. So guys, I would like to know your take. Zee World vs Telemundo, which do you prefer and why?



Walks in, takes a deep breath and smiles. What’s up LHers?!!! How has our week been so far? There’s this Christian Family Programme I listen to every morning called ‘Focus on the family’ on City Fm. It’s a programme that discusses everything relating to the family. I enjoy listening to this programme so what I do is, as I’m dressing up for work in the Morning, I plugin my earpiece and listen or just record it on my phone(the radio on my phone can record) and listen later.

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Whatagwan LHers???!!! Any gist for your girl???!!! I think It’s high time I reported some LHers to the police because I can’t seem to find them here lol just kidding tho, ain’t nobody going to the popo but truth is, I’ve really miss you guys on the space. Ehen, I was listening to a radio programme this morning and on the show, they gave the scenario below and asked callers to call in and tell them what they would do if in that position…;

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It’s you Lord!!!

How I managed to come thus far, I can’t explain but I know it’s you God. Hello Lhers. How has your week been? LH is 8 Months Today all thanks to God and you guys. It has not been easy especially these days that I have been freaking busy. Shout Out to a friend turned sister Tibs of Life. You know I love you like crazy, please take care of you for me out there. Miss your gistssss!!! I miss TTT family too.


OMG!!! Can’t believe its been two weeks I last posted on this space. Pardon my manners familie smiles… I’ve really missed you guys😟. Truth is, I have been overly busy😩. Ehen before I forget, Rave TV will be a year this Saturday and we have lots of activities lined up. Please I need you guys to like and follow us on all our social media platforms. Please click here, here, here and here to get to our pages. Thanks guys😙😚😘

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