Hiya Familie!!! Whatagwan??? I don’t know if this happens in your homes or if you’re the type of person that likes to assign names to people/things other than what they are originally called but you see ehn, I am that kind of person who likes to rename people/things. Funny thing is, I name people/things based on their uniqueness.

I have a shoe I call “comfort.” I call it comfort because I feel comfortable anytime I wear it. Did you know my sister also named her own shoe “patience” because I named mine. According to her “I have had this shoe for too long and it’s still in good condition, this shoe has been patient with me” lol. My mom brought a new bag home one day and I was like Mumsy this bag is too ugly joor, why did you buy it? She looked at the bag and started laughing, she then said “maybe the lady selling it used charm on me because I’m just noticing how ugly it is.” Did you know that I started calling the bag “ugly bag”? Everyone at home started calling it that too including my mom. Whenever she wants us to bring her bag for her or bring something from it, she would say please help me bring my “ugly bag” or help me bring that stuff from my “ugly bag” lol, you see how the name stuck?
There’s this lady down my street we call “customer care voice,” we call her that because of her sweet voice. Anytime my sister and I are gisting and she says that “customer care voice” woman bla bla bla, I know who she’s talking about. Recently, I was told that the guy that sells in the supermarket close to my office is from the north. When I heard it I was like really? I was surprise because he didn’t look or speak like someone from there. Guess what I did? Yeah, you guessed right. I gave him a name. I started calling him “Tuush Mallam” and now some of my colleagues have started calling him “Tuush Mallam” smiles.

So tell me, do you have a similar story?

LOTS OF LOVE LHERS and thanks for stopping by.😙😚😚

22 thoughts on “SOME MOTHERS DO AVE EM…

  1. annie says:

    Wow! I’m so loving dis post…It reminds me of our childhood days…I remember d slippers we call comfort and patience,I also remember Mumsy’s ugly bag indeed it’s amazing our we rename tinx in dat hse! Do u remember dat woman we call something is smelling check ur pot? And d old man we call ur shit is smelling on my dinning table? Lol


  2. iamossycraif says:

    Lol! Can’t stop laffing, it is indeed a nice read, got a. Couple of names self and looking back they were really funny. Remember being called fido dido just for being very slim . Never thoughht I would add some phats


  3. Oh…. It’s a common thing…
    Especially among me and my sisters (oh I love those girls)…
    Codenames are fun (even Google acknowledges them – Android codenames)

    There’s this girl that comes to visit one of our neighbors that year. Her dressing was….. well, “dashing”. We name her “I never saw”. Funny thing is mom and dad keyed into it. :mrgreen:

    We also named a guy “banana”, another “ragolis”, we even named a family “barbarians” and mom and dad acknowledged it. 😆

    Mehn…… I love my family. It’s indeed everything. 😉

    Whataguan Lily 🙂


  4. I am very good at giving people names…I have formed too many names in my lifetime mehn… So my boss has this thing…he always forget things but he assumes that he has told you about it…and he would argue for Africa that he told you. So one day my colleague assumed he told me something meanwhile he didn’t. ImmediatelY I just said you have DHS meaning Dr. Hassan’s Syndrome and since then it became a thing…buh my boss doesn’t know this yet sha..It might just become a sickness that would be recognised by google..who knows? hehehe.


  5. This post reminds of my older siblings. Virtually everyone and everything had a name (even my parents have names we call them) mum managed to know what we call dad but she doesn’t know hers


  6. Imagine. It’s nice to know that me and my cousin aren’t crazy after all. LOOLZ. We named someone from our pre-degree days ”mummy look” simply because, we thought she looked like someone who has had one or two kids before.


  7. heheheheheh @Ugly Bag! Really?! Nawa oh! Thats deep oh! **adjusts jangolova chair.. Mehnn i hardly rename things.. But people ehn! **Clears jThroat That i usually rename most times.. When i was slave to the famous legendary MOJ Theater Troupe IMSU.. Once someone would mention a name i didnt understand at introductions ehnnhnnn.. Omo na to give am nick name oh with something distinct that he did oh!! So they had strange name likes English, Burkina-Faso (that wasn’t my doing oh), research etc.. Omo Nick name’s help save someboRRy from a lot of ehm ehm Ehmmsss.. So why not if not?! **Winks… This was a ghen ghen read as Always Lily toh sure.. Blogger toh Sharp.. Keep Writing Bubba.. Keep Slaying.. And the crowd goes.. Oooooooooosssssshhheeey Turn uP!


  8. It’s easy to give people names based on scenarios…There is some dude on blogsville whom I regret knowing…I refer to him with the opposite of whatever he calls himself….Some fool that nigga is……

    So yeah…giving people names is super easy for me…

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