OMG!!!What happened to the Olsen twins?

I’m a huge Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen fan. I grew up watching their movies because they were so cute to watch. I always looked forward to watching every of their new movies. I remember watching “passport to paris” like it just yesterday. These two made me fell in love with twins, acting and movies. At the Met Gala 2017 yesterday, The Olsen twins appeared looking like the picture below;

They are just 30 years old but they look way older. They look like they are in their fifties. What happened to the young, vibrate and talented twins? Do we blame it on their make up artiste or Is there something we need to know?

More of their “before” photos below;

Hello LHers!!!



3 thoughts on “OMG!!!What happened to the Olsen twins?

  1. sunny Joseph says:

    Indiscipline and inability to handle fame is what kill the career of this beautiful ladies. I feel pity for them seeing what’s become of them. It’s a big lesson to everyone of us, bad relationship, wrong choices, allowing fame and glamour to control our lives will really play a fast one on us. I feel sorry for the olsen twins.

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  2. annie says:

    I used 2 like dose ladies! mehn, I remember watching passport 2 paris,it was da BOMB! I dnt know wat happened 2 dem,I guess Concaine or some kind of hard drugs involved…it’s such a shame!!


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