Years back, a friend begged me to talk to her boyfriend on her behalf because he told her it was over between them. Trust me, I am not someone who interferes in people’s relationship but I had to in this case. I had to call him because of the reason she told me made him break up with her. In her words “he broke up with me because I call too much.” I wanted to know his side of the story and also see if I could make him change his mind. So I called my friend’s bae or should I say ex-bae since he has broken up with her and below is our conversation;

Me: Hello, Good Evening.
Him: Evening my dear, how are you?
Me: I’m fine, you? How’s work?
Him: Work is fine. I’m still at the office but I will soon be leaving.
Me: Okay. I guess you know why I’m calling?
Him: I do, your friend told you I broke up with her and that’s why you called me.
Me: True. So what happened? I want to know your side of the story.
Him: I am tired of your friend’s attitude. She calls me every minute of the day and every time she calls, she always want to know where I am, who I’m with etc and at the end of her calls, she always want me to say “I love you” to her to be sure I am not with another girl. Your friend can call me up to 10 times a day (that I know). There was a time I almost had an accident because I was on the phone talking to her while driving. I told her I was driving and couldn’t talk with her but she got angry and said I had a lady in my car that was why I didn’t want to talk to her. My dear, I am tired of this relationship, I can’t come and go and kill myself because of her. Imagine, she has called me over 5 times today. The last time she called I told her I was working and will talk to her later only for her to start nagging as usual. My dear, I had to end the relationship I can’t continue again abeg.
Me: I understand you. Take care then.

After the call, my very eager friend asked me what her “ex-bae” said. I  narrated everything to her and she wasn’t happy, she said I wasn’t any help to her. My wonderful friend didn’t sleep that night, she kept calling his phone until he switched it off. First thing the next day, she went to his place. She came back smiling and said they’ve settled their ish but they broke up again for good after some weeks.

After reading the conversation between my friend’s ex and I, can we say she was in love with her boyfriend or insecure?

If bae calls you up today to say it’s over between you guys, will you accept and move on or convince bae to change their mind and take you back?
Lots of love LHers!!!

16 thoughts on “CONVINCE OR MOVE ON?

  1. Insecurity is always a big issues in relationships -and mostly when there’s a lack of mutual understanding and trust. And I doubt if that was love. Infatuation, maybe.


  2. The old me will convince bae to stay but now?? I don’t think i’ve gat time to convince any1 who wants to leave my life to stay. I don’t have control over how people feel about me so how do I beg someone who’s mind is made up to stay? Eh! 😉 #My2Kobo


    I’m the STC


  3. hmmmm..even as a chick,i am irritated already.she is not only insecure but foolish..any way as e b now,i am too busy to beg one guy to stay.all i need is just respect me enough to tell me y you are leaving.shikena!

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  4. I love the photo you used mami…It is deep yet so simple..Mami, there is something most ladies miss eh…I don’t believe that ‘if something is yours, let it loose, if it is yours, it will come back’…that’s a whole bunch of crap…If such thing comes back to me, I will kick it out again cuz if it was mine, it will never have left…simple!…my point is, if your boyfriend breaks up with you now without any reason or even with a reason…let the pussyclat go mehn…You are worth way more than that…at least that’s what I tell most of my buddies with relationship dramas.


    • Thank Tibs of life, I agree with you. I’m not someone who go back to an ex, once they say it’s over, I move on, don’t even want to know the reason behind the breakup sef.


  5. chioma says:

    hmmm, I had a boyfriend break up with me once, didn’t beg but he came back, it didn’t last though. Your friend needs sense spoken to her…too much of everything is bad.


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