Hello LHers. How was your weekend? My weekend was quite busy, I spent the whole of Saturday at the office, left around some minutes before 8pm. Sunday was a clean up day for me after church. Boring Weekend right?
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I am a huge fan of reality shows. When it’s time for any of my favourite reality shows, I leave whatever I’m doing and watch it. If you’ve noticed, music reality shows seem to be the “in thing” for telecoms these days. There’s MTN project fame, Glo Naija sings, Nigerian Idols and now The voice Nigeria. As we all know, MTN project fame used to top the list of these shows but I’m not so sure of that anymore.
You see, since Airtel introduced The Voice Nigeria, they’ve been lots of hype about it online. Everybody is talking about it, even celebrities are not left out. People talk about The Voice Nigeria on social media like they are paid to do so. Yours truly is also a loyal fan of the show even tho my favourite contestant is no more on the show. I love the judges (Tubaba,Patoranking, Timi and Waje), I love the fact that they play when they want to and are serious when they have to. The way they relate with the contestants is out of this world.
I have never watched Glo Naija Sings so I can’t say anything about the show. The first and last time I watched Nigerian Idols was when it was called “West African Idols,” The episode that had Timi Dakolo, Omawumi, Eric etc.
Of all the Music reality shows, MTN Project Fame West Africa is the biggest and most watched show because it’s not only a Nigeria thing and it can be viewed on many platforms unlike the other shows.
If you were to chose between The Voice Nigeria and Project Fame which would you pick and why?
Between the contestants of The Voice Nigeria and those of Project Fame West Africa which would you say are more passionate and talented?





  1. Isioma says:

    The Voice is the ultimate singing reality show to have serenaded Nigerians. It towers over and above Project Fame in almost all ramifications: Sound balance, The orchestra, the backup, studio ambiance and stage design, the artistry and professionalism of the contestants all make The Voice dwarf PF. However, the academy perspective of Project Fame engenders good grooming


    • I agree with you Isioma. The voice is the second best thing in Nigeria after slice bread. lol. The only problem i have with it is the platforms it aired. Only the rich can have assess to it but project fame made its content available for everybody.


  2. Adonis says:

    Our lilie of life. So I finally got on ya blog Hmmmm… ..i the feel article I have read make feel at home as though I have been here all along.



  3. I feel that the advantage “Project Fame” holds over “The Voice” is the academy program. The contestants/participants receive top notch exposure and training that influences all ramifications of a musicians career. The judges and trainers in project fame are super qualified. The voice also has great judges, but “The Voice” trumps PF specifically in the areas of stage setup/management, live/recorded sound, and most of the technical details that have to do with packaging and presentation.


  4. Chigo says:

    Lol for me shaa…The Voice Nigeria is the best although it harbours Project Fame Alumni like Jennifer, CHIKE, David Operah, Kofo, and brenda and also X-factor alumni like DNA and Vicky…the quality is amazing..the coaches make it even more interesting…and even the project fame alumni became incredibly better…take Chike and David for instance..Project Fame is really dull..i don’t really like it…i love the wat The Voice Nigeria coaches fight for talents and still love each other…the show is just funny and brilliant.infact i dab for the show.


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