Horrible Bosses Film3…2…1…ACTION!…lol… 2015 has come to stay, happy new year friends…I am so positive about the new year…I hope you are too? In other news, Tibs of life has set Lohla and I up, she challenged us to blog more and we accepted. A big shout out to TTT family for your love and support, appreciate so much. Now to today’s post, I guess a lot of us are familiar with the above picture, if you are yet to see the movie… you are so carrying last.com…this is a must watch movie.

Horrible bosses are everywhere but you find more of them in private firms…true or false? I’m not saying they are not in govt. owned organisations but i think only a few of them are horrible because they are non-challant about their jobs and they feel since its not their company, no need to stress themselves. They go to work as the spirit leads and leave when they feel like…lol. They don’t bother to check the performances of their staff talk-less of the welfare of the company, all that matters to them is the alert they get from the bank at the end of the month. 
Horrible bosses make you work round the clock year in, year out with no promotion or raise in salary and they are almost never satisfied with your work. I chatted with a friend somedays back, she works with a private firm and she was lamenting bitterly about her boss… she said he makes her work too much yet he pays peanuts…she said when she complained and asked for a raise in her salary, he told her that she should be happy she has a job because there are many graduates out there without jobs. She complained she works from 8am-6pm monday – friday and when its time for her to leave by 6pm her boss would be like ‘you’re always in a hurry to go home… bla…bla…bla. When she was saying all this, I felt for her and in my head i asked myself what time does he want her to leave the office or has he forgotten ‘this is lagos, the mother of traffic.’ I mean, when does he want her to get home?


I chatted with some friends and colleagues and we came up with some qualities of horrible bosses…If you have a boss with at least seven of these qualities, i’m sorry to say but your boss is a horrible sombori… If  you’re a boss and you possess seven or more of these qualities, I’m glad to say you are a horrible boss and you need to change.
Qualities of a Crazy Horrible Boss
He is a dictator and a dominator
He is proud and never listens to his subordinates
He is inconsiderate, cares less about the feelings or health of his staff, all he wants is his job done.
He is unappreciative of efforts
He takes credits for achievements and leaves one to fall alone when things go wrong
He ‘chops the money alone‘ for a task someone else does the bulk of the work (selfish)
He is rude, arrogant and disrespectful to his staff
He flirts with and sexually harasses his subordinates 
He pays less and expects too much from his staff
He is lazy and leaves everything to his staff
He always looks for avenues to deduct from the salary of his workers
Do you have an experience(s) you want to share? You can pose as anonymous.



40 thoughts on “HORRIBLE BOSSES

  1. What would Jesus do? Whether the boss is horrible or not, the hustle gats continue. Its worse when it an outsourcing firm. Imagine one been paid half of what the parent company pays the outsourcing firm. Passion is what keeps a nigga going.



    • **peeps in** Sorry mami that it took 2 days for me to get back here…lol..okay mami…lets talk bout horrible bosses…you see eh, I could NEVER work for anyone….Uhhhhh….first of, I love things done my way and if I have to work for people, that is gonna be horrible for me….the one time I worked, I worked from home and I was working for a friend…..

      **whispering** I believe you have a horrible boss cuz after seeing your artwork…I am convinced beyond every reasonable doubt that she is a horrible boss…lol


  2. Abieyuwa Odigie says:

    I believe u re right to say, that horrible bosses are more in private firms than in govt establishments..I would like to correct d impression abt govt establishements regarding d non challant attitude to work..I am nt saying its nt there bt its nt applicable to all offices *smiles*. Back to private biznesses, a friend of mine complained to me abt her job,that some money went missing abt #200k frm d safe. Her boss asked her n another colleague to pay back nt minding d fact that his own nephew works there and had access to d same safe.so, its safe to say that he’s horrible cos they did pay back d money..


    • Correction noted Abieyuwa..to your comment, your friend’s boss was wrong with his actions, he should have asked the person(s) in charge of the safe to give account of the missing money or probably take the case to the police. Thanks for stopping by girlfriend.


  3. There are horrible bosses in govt establishments..dey deduct frm salaries by removin overtime, office allowance, arrears, car allowance etc. In d end workers go home with peanuts. The only benefit is you have a job and u cn stroll in at any time of the day. But some bosses get shoko. Some people never get promoted for a decade and u see them trying to get more certificates.


  4. Francisca says:

    First time I’m commenting on ur post. I must say, ”u’ve done a great job” . I always knew there was smthg special abt u. Glad u finally found dt out.


    • Hiya Mami…I think there is a union not sure tho but there should be jare…its just that some Nigerians are not really enlightened about it. Its human slavery na, don’t you think so?


  5. eze vincent says:

    This is the more reason why I love handling stuffs like business…when I grow up I would be my own boss o!cause choi!i can’t take shit atall!!!!!i might even put sleeping medicine or rat poison for that boss that tries to make me uncomfortable o!#sleepsoff#


  6. Nice one Bubba.. One thing I am learning about life is that there will always be wrong people, and we cant change that. However what matters the most is how we handle our relationship with theses people. I have met very tough people in my short career, but like Janyl says, “a heart of gratitude opens doors of opportunities”, so i ignore the pain of now and find the treasure in the trash.. Cheers Bubba. xx


  7. well,truth be told…i have no such experience even duo ur postulation are not far fetch but i will disagree abite with what u said bat govt own organisation…they are horrible boss there too…they mess around with their female staff and hide the files of those that dont fall for their sexual urge.they blackmail and set traps for themselves…it is everywhere….we are gonna be boss too one day i think our moral lesson shud be that we learn from their flaws and be a good boss when the time comes…dont let us be a jailer according to the lyrics of ASA song….hahahahahaha


  8. Dee says:

    Horrible bosses,I’ve had my share o,there was one ehn,d company was cutting costs then,infact some ppl were laid off,every branch had to find a way of reducing how they spend,ds my oga practically made life hell 4 all of us in d name of cutting costs,tho his lifestylle didn’t change o,evrything he stopped us 4rm doin in d name of cutting costs,he was doin d exact opposite,bs man can blow whistle lik kilode,sometin u wud expect a junior staff to do,fiam,he has sent mail,d office closes to customers by 4,so anytime from 6,one should be free to go homew,bt ds man had family issues,so he doesn’t like goin home,derefore all of us must wait till he’s ready to go,even if its 10p.m,infact ehn I cud go n on,d last one I worked with,he was payin us half of what d owner of d company asked him to pay us n we didn’t know,anytime I rememba dt man ehn,I send curses his way cos he was always overworkin us,d best tthing is for one to be selfemployed n not be Horrible to our staff
    Nice writeup Lily,keep it up


  9. ife says:

    Hmm mm, av gat horrible Sectional heads and d most horrible is d oga at d top. My organization is d best example of ” looking for every Avenue to deduct ur Salary” everything is memo and fine, u choose not to eat lunch: problem, u come late for meeting 1k, u talk too much; memo. Then they make u work round d clock no rest and still pay u something not worth ur effort and they tell u they r doing u a favor. U need to learn to take shit in my place of work.


    • I understand how you feels Ife, its so bad that these people don’t care about the feelings and welfare of their staff, to think they feel they are doing you a favour…SMH.


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