Thank God it’s Friday YAY! YAY!! YAY!!! Hello LHers, How was your week? It’s funny how people these days go online and just post anything they like (e.g Teebillz). We all know that ‘social media’ has become a place where people can vent their frustration and anger but please, save us from those drama, we have our own issues to deal with even tho we don’t tell you about them. 
People should learn to keep their ‘private life’ private. Stop bringing your family, relationship and marriage issues online, learn to keep ‘some things’ away from social media. The marriage saga between T&T that broke the internet yesterday should have been handled off the internet. People (esp. celebrities) should learn to wash their dirty linen at home. So many things would have been avoided if the matter was handled off social media. A lot was posted out there yesterday, relationships were broken and some people’s career were threatened. All these would have been avoid if only…
BTW, I heard Teebillz almost jumped off the Lekki-Ikoyi link bridge yesterday but Banky W and Peter Okoye came to rescue him. *yimu* Person wey won die no need to announce am and besides there are many ways to kill yourself. All these are publicity stunt jare lol.



Until i come your way again my people, here is me signing out

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