I had a chat with a friend yesterday. We talked about a whole lot of stuffs; including relationship, sex, commitment and all whatnots. We gisted about how “some dudes take advantage of some babes” especially the vulnerable ones. We sha discussed and I was glad we did (because I learnt 1 or 2 things from our discussion). Just when I thought we were done, he dropped this:

So my next-door neighbour’s baby-boo was on vacation & came to spend the entirety of it (1 month) with him. Initially Chuks was all lovey-dovey with her, all those kain strong PDAs wey come dey make yours truly pine for those days wey him get boo of his own (i digress).


After the 2nd week he came to watch a football match at my place and the complaints started. How he was already feeling boxed in & just couldn’t wait for her to go.

His reasons were as follows…

1) That she hogs the TV every evening spent indoors, & since his decoder isn’t one of those dual-view thingies his match watching has been suffering tremendously.

2) She’d religiously watch Filipino abi na Indian films back to back on Zee World & Telemundo from 7pm til 10pm. And for the duration you dare not disturb her! Then when guyman go dey reason watching football or news she’d give him that look of “Ogbeni if you want the remote come & take it. Zee World ti over.”

3) After bullying him off the TV, when he go come sidon for one corner dey browse jeje on him phone, she’d give him this bad-eye look each time he came across a funny story online & chuckled to himself. Next thing she’ll start pouting & say, “baby you are spending too much time on your phone, see how you are just ignoring me.” He swears she says this with her eyes fully glued to the TV.

4) To cap it all, the one wey dey pain am pass be say after ignoring all his pleas that he wants to sleep (so as to wake up early for work the next day) and successfully turning him on for some bumping & grinding, once them do once or at most twice she’ll clamp up and be like “baby it’s alright joor, you have to go to work tomorrow morning oh.” ‘Jay is she effing kidding me? After she don succeed pursue every atom of sleep from my eyes finish & put me in the mood for xyz number of rounds ni? That’s how I’ll end up rolling on the bed till around 4am while she goes off to sleep happy & satisfied.’

He went on to tell me that this isn’t the first girl that is making him wanna runaway and abandon his house. That as a matter of fact, once any girl has spent more than 3 days at his place he’s almost tempted to just blurt it out and ask her when she intends leaving lol. My other neighbour says he also gets this feeling, but in his case it’s after like a week.

So LHers what do you think? 

Do you think the dude is just scared of commitment or … ? 

Guys have you ever experienced/felt this way?

Ladies do you behave like the girl “in the picture”? And how does bae feel when you behave this way?




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