Remember the Pre-wedding photos of a big size bride-to-be and her groom-to-be that broke the internet last month? Well if you missed it, don’t worry, below are the photos;
Nice pictures right? But guess what? People felt the bride-to-be was “too big” for the groom so they took to the comment session and wrote not so nice things about her. Some even had the guts to go to her instagram page to give their opinion about her size. The height of it right? Well, that didn’t bother her as she flooded her timeline with more photos from their pre-wedding shoot. Besides, who their comment epp? Is it their fat? Is it not her fat? Is she complaining to them? Mtschew!!! lol.
She’s comfortable with it and so is her groom-to-be and that’s all that matters.  Assuming their concern about her weight was based on health grounds, that would have been understandable because rather than send her hateful comments, their comments would have been based on health tips, how she can work on herself, bla, bla, bla. BTW, some people like their partner big, some like them small. (whatever rocks your boat)
We all know social media has made it easy for everyone to air their view, we also know that society frowns at “some things” when it comes to choosing a partner but seriously,
  • Should we allow society decide our body size?
  • Would you let go of someone you really love because of what “people will say” about their body size?
  • If your partner wants you to reduce/increase your body size, would you do it?


  1. Jude Otedo says:

    Tbh I’d rather date a chubby girl than a painfully thin one. So I guess I like ’em big, though not this biggg. That being said, it’s just so classless & even spiteful to go bodyshaming her like that. Like you correctly observed, to each his own. Moreover her fiance isn’t even complaining!

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  2. ifeoluwa says:

    Well, it’s a sad thing to spitefully comment about someone on social media, but truth is some people find joy in doing it. Talking about size, everybody has their choice, so y not let them be. If am fat and my partner wants me to reduce I will, it’s for my own good sef.


  3. luvlyluv says:

    we shouldn’t allow society to decide our body size bcus if u like be thin or chubby, society must criticise and talk
    I wouldn’t let go of some 1 I love bcus of what society will say, am wit d one I love not society.
    He was quite aware of my body size b4 d whole relationship thing started, so I don’t think I would.


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