Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, It is SUBJECTIVE yet IMPORTANT in its own right. It’s the first thing that catches your fancy and you know what they say “we are often moved by what we see.” A beautiful person can easily get away with an offence why a not so attractive person would be punished for the same offence.

Hello Lhers. What’s popping? lol. How has the week been so far? Mine has been stressful, I feel like I’m going to be down with flu because I’ve been sneezing a lot lately. So Today on the blog, I want to talk about “physical attraction.” I noticed these days I have been posting on relationship related issues, I’m sorry but I can’t help it, I have to share my thoughts on this *ish.

In relationship, it is often said that attraction is important, that you should be physically attracted to someone you’re in a relationship with if you want it to work but in the real sense, physical attraction is more than what meets the eyes, it is that and other things. One needs to be beautiful both in and out. True beauty radiates from the inside.

No doubt, we can be captivated by a person’s beauty but;

  • Do a person really need to be physically attractive before we can be attracted to them?
  • Can a person genuinely be attracted to a not so attractive person?
  • Would you pick beauty or character or vice versa?



3 thoughts on “DOES IT REALLY MATTER? (2)

  1. Annie says:

    Hi Miss Lily! Beauty and a good character,is wat catches my attention…When I meet a person 4 d 1st time,d first thing dat catches my attention is ur beauty followed by ur character bt I’m more interested in ur character…A beautiful person with an irritating character is a completely turn off 4 me…I rem when I was much younger,although,I’m nt a fan of football bt when I was stuck with it #Big Broda,wants 2 watch football and there is nothing anyone can do about it# instead of watching d match,I used to focus my attention on d team dat has d most handsome players and pray dey win *lol* while d one with not so handsome players shhud lose…so U see,beauty has a way of favouring u in unpleasant situations…


  2. luvlyluv says:

    Beauty and character counts. Like one adage says that your Beauty can take you to the Palace of a King but your character will determine how long you will stay there.
    Yes a person can b genuinely attracted to someone who’s not so physically attractive, the person may have a great personality esp. in terms of character.


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