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Hmmmm, the way people treat relationship matters these days sef makes me wonder if there’s an handbook somewhere (none that I know of tho) that states the necessary steps to take when starting a relationship.

If a guy asks a girl to date him and she says YES hastily people will say “she’s an easy to get girl.” If she says she will think about it they will still say she’s playing hard to get or immature that what’s there to think about? Some will even say she does not know what she wants.

But seriously speaking;

  • Does it really matter how long it takes a girl to YES to a guy?

  • Does delaying a guy’s proposal determine if he will take HER serious?

  • If a lady says YES to a guy’s proposal without delay, does it make her ‘’an easy to get girl?’’

These questions beg for answers!!!




11 thoughts on “DOES IT REALLY MATTER? (1)

  1. ifeoluwa says:

    D period taken to give a guy a reply does not say “she’s easy to get or playing hard to get either”, although I don’t give answers immediately but I see it as a waste of precious time especially when I already know what answer to give d guy either “yes or no”. So it doesn’t really matter if a girl answers immediately or later, it doesn’t make her easy to get or hard to get. It doesn’t matter.


    • Hey dearie. thanks for stopping by. I used to say I will think about it but these days, I have been lucky because we start as friends, in the process of the friendship, I can then observe the dude well to know if he’s dateable or not That way when he asks me out there will be nothing to think about because I already know what I want.


  2. Annie says:

    Ms Lily,I’ve really missed ur posts…where have u been hiding? To 2day’s post…I dnt really think delaying ur response 2 a guy’s proposal will make him take u seriously…Although,I do it at times has 2 do with ur values as a Lady,wat distinguishes u 4rm other gals he has dated and if it is meant 2 be (DESTINY)..


    • Hello sis. How’s studies? It’s understandable if that’s what you like to do i.e. think about it before saying yes or no, it’s allowed. Sometimes you just want to take your time based on experience and other things…


    • Hello Jude. Thanks for stopping by. I so much agree with you. There are people you will meet and you’ll just click immediately like you’ve known each others for ages. So it depends on the parties involve.

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  3. Everyone&NoOne says:

    For me, I prefer people being straight up. No need for childish pretences hidden under the guise of not wanting to appear cheap, thereby dragging on an otherwise straightforward scenario. SOMETIMES when a guy likes you & asks you out and it starts taking you forever to make up your mind, by the time you’ve made up your mind to date him he might not be that into you anymore. He probably just stayed on the course so that all his efforts won’t have been to no avail. So when you finally give in and subsequently he hits it severally, the next agenda for him is how to bounce.


  4. luvlyluv says:

    I love your writings. It boils out from reality. The realness of the ideas, what we see in our everyday life and how u present it, is d beauty of it all. Keep it up ma’am. more grease to your elbow ma.


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