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It’s funny how some people like to preach what they know they don’t and can never practice. They go online and just post anything that catches their fancy. We all know that ‘social media’ has become a place where people can have multiple personalities but my dear who are we deceiving? Hello LHers, how has week been? I had a stressful week but Thank God it’s Friday YAY! YAY!! YAY!!!
A lot of people have been misled by what people post on Facebook, Instagram and other social media platforms. Especially ladies (sorry to say). They see their fellow lady on Instagram flaunting what she wants them to see and they think she has a ‘perfect life,’ my dear looks can be deceiving, you may even be better than them so envy no one, be yourself and cut your clothes according to your material.

People should also learn to keep their ‘private life’ private. Stop flaunting your relationship, possessions and body parts online, learn to keep ‘some things’ away from social media. Bottom line is, people should keep their private life off social media, be satisfied with what they have and be themselves. If all these are adhered to, we will have less complicated lives in our society (winks). I hope with these few points of mine, I have been able to convince you and not confuse you that social media has its own vices and people should update their status with caution. So guys, what’s your thought?



11 thoughts on “Truth!!!!!

  1. Annie says:

    I tire 4 some ppl… U can even guess correctly was is going on in their lives due 2 their status. Some ppl have even turn social media 2 their praying ground or altar…instead of praying in the closet as d Bible stated. U even see some Ppl dat have turned demselves into Pastors,demanding 4 money 4rm Ppl b4 praying 4 dem…We need 2 be careful when using social media, cos it has been infiltrated by alot of scammers.


  2. Hiya Commitee Chair man! Hafa?! How are you Bubba?! My sincere apologies Nne.. its been a while.. LeRRus just come and goan say that Life e haf gats me on Lock Down with my Big crazy Dreams.. Soo.. Social Media huh?! Lets dance.. **Puts on Dancing Shoes…

    I for one think the Social media (SM) is the best thing that has happened to man since Sex.. Why is cause it is a very grande Avenue to sell anything.. Lies, Fakeness, Wealth and even Stupidity.. But of all the things worth selling on SM, i think is image is most prime.. I think the Social Media has given young people an avenue to create the lives they want, and sell it to the anticipating Public.. That way companies and Brand can know what young people are capable of doing jsut by making love to their Instagram and LinkedIn..

    It is pertinent to note however, that the best and most precious times of life are very hardly captured on Camera.. But I advice that what ever it is that we put up should have a way of branding us, and creating an image of WORTH.. or should at least make the reader or “Looker” happy.. Dassall.. and the crowd goes.. abi ooooooo 🙂 **Takes off Dancing Shoes.. Cheers.


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