Hello LHers


Walks in,  uses selfie stick to remove cobweb, opens bag to get a piece of paper,  places it on a dusty chair,  sits down and waves at LHers.  What’s up Familee?!!! Whatagwan? Mehn,  Yeah I know,  my bad.   It’s been ages.  I have been so busy,  the last time I got on this space was the last time I posted on the blog.  I have been scared of visiting the blog because I feel guilty for not keeping in touch. What have LHers been up to?  Na wa o,  una nor even fit check on me to no if I still dey dis country or not,  nor be so o (lol).
Anyway,  I am fine and I’m back for good (I pray so). Thank you sis for reminding me that I have a blog. So guys,  what did I miss on blogosphere? I bumped into a funny question on instagram and I just had to share it on the blog.


So guys,  which brand would they be?  Mine will surely be an Aba product made by one Chukwudi lol(just kidding).  Your turn…

6 thoughts on “Hello LHers

  1. Annie says:

    Lol @ using selfie stick 2 remove cob web…Selfie don suffer,chai…U are always welcome,I’ve really missed ur posts cos I always look forward 2 reading it…it’s entertaining,inspiring,educative and so much more! Nw, to 2day’s biz…if my ex was a brand of clothing line,he wud definately be a china product (e.g china white) cos they tear easily and fade quickly bottom line is…they don’t last,Cos they are nt original!


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