Thank God it’s Friday baby!!!! Mehn I need this rest like I need air to breathe lol. What’s up LHers???!!! How has your week been? Do you guys remember my post on ‘8 things I have noticed about Telemundo soaps?’ If you missed it, you can check it here. I noticed that the craze for Telemundo soaps have been moved to another channel called ‘Zee World,’ (could be wrong tho) but everyone seems to be talking about ‘tashan-e-ishq,’ ‘Doli Armaanon’ etc. I also heard that their storylines are different and more interesting than Telemundo’s. I remember when Zee World was showing ‘Married Again,’ some people did not allow me to hear word (dem know demselves) even our very own Kemi Adetiba went to Facebook to ask her friends what happened the day she missed it SMH. Thank God they haff finished showing it, we can now rest (didn’t follow it tho).
A colleague and I were discussing this morning about both channels and when I asked him which channel he prefers, he said Zee World. So guys, I would like to know your take. Zee World vs Telemundo, which do you prefer and why?




  1. hehehehheheheheh Omo mehnn! eez not a joking Sturvzz oh! Aha! See argument with you and your colleague shaa.. This Indian mushy mushy kissy kissy movie something ehn! It is well oh! The last one i watched was Passion.. After that one ehnn! Me i Lock uP!.. Biko I cannot come and goan die lori fiction jo.. 🙂 How are you Nne?!


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