Walks in, takes a deep breath and smiles. What’s up LHers?!!! How has our week been so far? There’s this Christian Family Programme I listen to every morning called ‘Focus on the family’ on City Fm. It’s a programme that discusses everything relating to the family. I enjoy listening to this programme so what I do is, as I’m dressing up for work in the Morning, I plugin my earpiece and listen or just record it on my phone(the radio on my phone can record) and listen later.

I learn new things everyday. Today on the show, a guest couple was interviewed. Their story and the way they handled a family issue wowed me. Every time I listen to Focus on the family, I’m amazed at how some christian families handle family issues. I may not be able to explain vividly what was said on the show but once in a while, I will try and do posts relating to the programme and ask questions. On Today’s episode, the couple that was featured talked about a time in their family when their daughter was slipping. They said they sent their daughter to a christian school because they felt she would be shaped in the right way there but along the line, they noticed their daughter started hanging out with drop outs that did drugs. Both parents sat down to discuss what was happening in their daughter’s life and they decided to report to the school authority because they felt it was the right thing to do. When they reported their daughter to the school authority, the school authority was surprised because no parent(s) has ever reported their ward to them. They told them they would meet and decide how to address the issue. When their daughter found out what they did, she was angry, she told them she hated them then she left the house.


For two weeks she was away and during that period, they were going for counseling. They said the experience was kinda new to them and they didn’t really know how to handle it and they wanted to know what to do when she finally comes home. He further explained what he did when he was told his daughter was back home. He said he was upstairs in his room when his wife called him and told him their daughter was back home and as he was climbing down the stairs, he asked God to direct him on what to do and God reminded him of the story of the ‘prodigal son.’ He said when he got downstairs, he put his arms round his daughter and said ‘welcome back honey, we’ve all missed you.’


I know some parents would have yelled, took a cain to discipline their kid, but sometimes, it is not about showing that kid ‘who is the parent,’ a simple ‘you know I love you and won’t want to lose you’ works wonders. I remember whenever I did something wrong growing up, instead of my mom to flog or yell at me or call me stupid or a useless child, she would pray for me and say ‘I won’t insult/curse you because if I do, I will suffer for it too.’ My mom is a teacher and there’s something she does that works so well. She believes you can correct a child by disciplining themย and another great way of correcting a child too is by praying with/for them. I remember a mother bringing her son to my mom over 15 years ago and the first thing she said was that her son is too stubborn and has block head. She said he is too dull, bla, bla, bla. My mom told her that no child is dull, maybe it’s the learning environment and she told her she would teach him and after some months, she will see some changes in him.
The first day this boy came to my house for lessons, I pitied my mom. At 5 years this boy could not write any alphabet. My mom started holding his hands to teach him how to write. There are days that after she has finished teaching him what to do, he would forget what he was taught and just be staring at my mom. Mumsy will just smile and say ‘Kelvin you can do it or ‘Kelvin close your eyes, let’s pray.’ After some months, we all noticed a huge change in him, he became so intelligent, he was fast with his exercises and his mom was so happy.
I know many teachers would have flogged the hell out of him those times he forgot what he was taught but my mom would always say ‘if you always flog a child whenever they do wrong, a time will come when they will become use to the flogging and this can make them become stubborn and it won’t even stop them from doing what they do. Instead, you pray for them and correct them with love.’ ย I have tried my mom’s method with my uncle’s kids when I went to spend hols with them back in my University days and it worked. My aunt is always glad to have me around because I am a great influence on her kids. Sometimes when kids do something wrong, I know we want to yell at them or punish them but just like the Father of the prodigal son who was waiting patiently for his son to come back so he can show him love, let’s try to correct them with love. I know it would feel strange at first but flogging a child all the time would only make them stubborn. Ask God for direction and He will lead you.



14 thoughts on “FAMILY (1)

  1. annie says:

    Wow! I can’t believe u still remember Kelvin,mehn,dat kid was so frustrating d 1st time he started lesson @ our hse bt I thank God 4 Mumsy’s patience and wisdom!! Later on dat kid became so smart and fast dat we even got scared…Do u also remember Damilola and Kofo?
    Mumsy indeed deserves an award 4 helping kids. There is a lady dat stays close 2 my hostel every morning she wakes her children up with curses such as “e no go better 4 u”,u will suffer etc 2 mention bt a few. At times,somethings she wud say 2 d children,I wud scream in my room…Dis kids are jst 8 $ 2 and they are so little nd at times u wud wonder is it dis tiny gal dis woman is talking 2 like an adult? Last week,could u believe dat after beating d gal of 8yrs old she added pepper 2 her eyes can u imagine such level of wickedness? I was eating,when I heard d daughter shouting,I wanted 2 ignore it bt d noise got 2 much I ran 2 their room in d next hostel and saw d lady forcing pepper into d gal’s eyes,I was alarmed and ran 2 call their landlady,I told her she could get arrested 4 wat she was doing…wat if,she gets blind,she said,she can not get blind dat afterall they put pepper in her eyes when she was small..Can u imagine such level of wickedness of a mother 2 her own child? Dis lady in question is a widow,she claims 2 be a christain and even d choir leader in her church.


  2. Oh WoW! This was such an Apt read aswear.. Truly Yeah! You can force **Sits down well on Jangolova chair.. Ehenn as i was saying.. you can force a horse to the stream yeah.. But you cannot force it to Drink water.. I loved reading this post! it was all so apt and true… Due to my Ojukokoro for Ego.. I once enrolled to Teach a child privately.. and i know my Frustration when all i was teaching the child seemed not to entering as he wasnt learning.. I flogged.. Scolded et al.. But Lati bo?! For wia?! **Covers face.. Guess aYam just not a good Teacher shaaa… .. kai! the thing pain me soooteey remain small i for cry.. But your Mums persistence and love did the magic.. not the flogging or insults.. The love.. Shoutouts to great Teachers out tehre..

    This was a ghen ghen read Commitee Chairman.. and it has me thinking about how great or poor a father i am ready to be.. Oh well.. In time Bubba.. In time.. and the crowd goes..Oooossshheeey Turn uP!


  3. Well some kids can be very obstinate. So e go good to flog their asses very well especially when they are still very young. Wetin I sabi self, just speaking from my relationship with a kid I love so much.



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