Whatagwan LHers???!!! Any gist for your girl???!!! I think It’s high time I reported some LHers to the police because I can’t seem to find them here lol just kidding tho, ain’t nobody going to the popo but truth is, I’ve really miss you guys on the space. Ehen, I was listening to a radio programme this morning and on the show, they gave the scenario below and asked callers to call in and tell them what they would do if in that position…;

Imagine armed robbers came to your house to rob your family and after they’ve finished robbing you guys, they gave you a gun to shoot your spouse and you told them bluntly that “you can’t do it.” Your response angered them and one of them gave you a dirty slap. They then gave the same gun to your spouse and asked them to shoot you. Your spouse pointed the gun at you and pulled the trigger but luckily for you there was no bullet in the gun. The robbers started laughing. 
What would you do to your spouse?

10 thoughts on “FEAR OR…

  1. As far as I am concerned, It’s all over between us; won’t think twice about it. I would rather join the monks and spend the rest of my life in the monastery than to remain with that my so-called spouse.


  2. annie says:

    Hmmm…Dis one is strong oh! As for me,I am filing 4 divorce with immediate effect!! Can u imagine? So,if there was bullet in d gun dat was how he wud have ended my Life?I won’t even stay a day in dat hse with him. Gud post,Keep it up!


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