What’s up LHers!!! Hope we are good? So sorry I was AWOL last week, been busy and still busy😐 but I’m available for some tete-a-tete sha:).

So today on the blog, I will be letting you guys in on some stuffs I’ve never done before. First on the list is CLUBBING. I have never gone clubbing and I have nothing against it but I would rather be in my bed than be in club. I have never FIXED MY NAILS, FIXED MY LASHES (why would I want to when I’ve got long lashes?), WORE CONTACT/LENS, CHANGED MY HAIR COLOUR, I HAVE NEVER TATTOO-ED MY BODY, TRIED SWIMMING and lastly, I HAVE NEVER PIERCED ANY PART OF MY BODY APART FROM THE ONE DONE ON MY EARS WHEN I WAS A BABY BY MOM (hope to do some piercing in future when I’m no more scared of needles).

Truth is, I’ve not done these stuffs not because I think it’s bad but because I don’t see any need to for now. Might do some/all of them in future. So guys, wanna share some stuffs you’ve never done with me?


LOTS OF LOVE LHERS and thanks for stopping by.😙😚😚

14 thoughts on “NEVER DONE!!!

  1. Oh well.. All i can say is what I will always Say.. “Dance Like no one is watching”.. We only live once Lily toh sure… Holl uP! Holl uP! Holl uP! wait oh! You have neFer clubbed before?! Really?! Ever?! Aha! Were you born into Adult hood?! Hian! Ya a super SomeboRRy like that eh! Inshort your own wife material is not Ankara.. it Eezzz 20 Yards of lace.. hehehehe Cheers Bubba.. and the crowd goes Oooooossssheey! Turn uP!


  2. All the things you’ve never done, I’ve never done either… well apart from spending an hour at the club *boring!* and one swimming lesson that put the fear of death in me.


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