We all know one or two persons who are always quick to acknowledge our flaws but they forget they ain’t perfect either. Truth is, people like that are most likely insecure and miserable so the best way for them to feel better is to make other people feel less of themselves.

How do you handle such people?

LOTS OF LOVE LHERS and thanks for stopping by.😙😚😚

16 thoughts on “IMPERFECT!!!

  1. Oookkkaayy.. Hiya gang… What gwan?! So ehnn.. Lily Koko.. I for one think it is wrong to CHOOSE to make others feel less than themselves.. I mean.. Why?! look Baby mi… People will be greater… People will be better.. people will be who they are supposed to be regardless ogf your input or NOT.. I think it is totally uncalled for to bring down another emotionally… or professsionally… You know ehn Bubba.. aYam most times than not “a one man mopol…” And that’s because i dont want anyboRRy to rain on my parade.. So if i see that you are not ‘sincerely interested’ in my growth.. I will just let you be.. i mean my mama taught me that its better to eat Rice without salt than to eat Rice with too much salt nah… dassalll..

    This was a very ghen ghen read as always.. Nice one Lily Koko… and the crowd goes… Yyyyyyyeeaaah mehn!


  2. It’s simple… IGNORE.
    I remember someone pointing it out to me that I had bow-legs. I lived with that consciousness for years! It took growth and self-love to overcome. Now, I love me my legs! Plus, I realized Beyonce even has my kind of bow-legs too. Tell me her legs are not sexy.#eyelashes


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