It would be “Traditional Marriage” for me because in African culture, a lady is not married until her BRIDE PRICE is paid and this can only be done during TRAD. I stand to be corrected tho.
So which is it for you?
LOTS OF LOVE LHERS and thanks for stopping by😙😚😙

15 thoughts on “MARRIAGE RITE

  1. lmaoooo @annie….lily before nko?na traditional wedding not just because it is african but because dat is what d bible recognizes.i have forgotten d part of d bible but u cn google it.d man approaches d ladys father n dey draw up a dowry,d man pays it after which dey can celebrate,even if u sleep with a maiden n you are caught,you have no choice dan to pay her is customary so no 2 ways about it..your father must collect dowry.

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  2. annie says:

    Hmmm,I wud choose Traditional Marriage cos I’m an African and it is what is recognised in dis part of d world as d real or main marriage. I have an Uncle dat got married overseas bt still had 2 send money 2 his Mum to go and pay d Bride Price and also do d traditional marriage…she even had 2 use their pictures 2 represent dem 2 show u how important Traditional Marriage is.

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  3. Uhhhh mami, I respect tradition buh I am not a follower so traditional is a no-no for me…I am perfectly fine with going to the marriage registry and signing those dotted lines and getting drunk afterwards…simple lah…

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