I was watching a TV Talk Show on one of our local TV station and their topic for discussion was about “Toke’s Marriage Drama.” You see, this show is hosted by four beautiful ladies who like to express their views on happenings round the globe. They talk about politics, entertainment, business, life style etc. So on this episode, they decided to “gossip” about “Toke’s Marriage Drama.” The first Presenter said maybe Toke allowed her job come first before her marriage because she was always traveling and attending events. The second Presenter said Toke should not be blamed for her “marriage drama” that a man who wants to cheat will cheat even if you are pretty, good in bed and cook all the food in the world. The third presenter criticized her action after the news of the pregnancy. She said Toke wasn’t suppose to take out all Maje’s picture from her Instagram page that as his wife, she’s suppose to be by his side, that her action can make him go to the “side chic” and this would mean allowing the side chic win.  The last Presenter said what attracted her to Toke was her constant praising of her hubby on Instagram and then she made the statement below 👇


When I heard this I was like “WHAT!!!???” I need to do a post on this and hear LHers’ opinion but let me start by giving my take. A relationship is suppose to be between two people. If a partner decides to cheat, it means they have broken the bond. You don’t need to hide the person you are in a relationship with for fear of losing them. A person who wants to cheat will do so even if they are hidden in a cave, they’ll find a means of communicating with the “side partner.”
So tell me LHers, what’s your take on the above statement, do you agree or disagree?

20 thoughts on “INFIDELITY

  1. well,i agree to an extent in the sense that moderation should be considered in stuff like proud of your man,flaunt him when necessary but we do not wana know the going ons in your relationship esp if the praises are one sided as is tokes case.
    another thing is that,that u were priviledged to be married does not mean you know it all.try watch her vlogs and see where she calls some girls stupid et al when talking about how to kno he is a cheat,how to keep your man….it is enough that she is a celeb,why not keep your marraige outa d media and tend to your spouse cuz a man who will cheat still will but you would have done your part and stay blameless…

    in the end,both of them went wrong and dey need to retrace…this is my first time commenting on this issue.


  2. hmmmm..i have been trying not to talk about this issue cuz dere is so much to be the end a man that will cheat still will,but the woman should do her part so dat she will be blameless.


    • My dear, I don’t want to say anything about their matter too because na dem wear the shoe and na dem know where e dey pinch dem. We just need to try our best to make our marriage work, we all know it can’t be rosy all the time but we still have to try. I always tell people that being faithful is easier than cheating…


  3. To me,hiding one’s partner doesn’t stop him or her from cheating. If the reason I hide my partner is to stop him from fooling around then I should have my head exermined. It shows insecurity and lack of trust on one hand and on the other,it shows desperation. If I see him as someone that has the tendency to cheat,I should either be ready to stomach it or quit rather than keep him from the world.


    • Chiccasworld you are so very very right. For how long can you hide your partner sef let’s say you want to hide him. A thousands like for your comment jare. Thanks for stopping by.


  4. I partly support the fourth presenter’s opinion. I don’t think she meant hiding a loved one per say. This is my #ConfusedSelf. I think she was tryna imply if only one person (should be both parties) values the relationship…



  5. annie says:

    I dnt quite agree with d fourth presenter…wether u hide ur husband or showcase him 2 d world,dat’s doesn’t stop dem 4rm cheating.People cheat because dey want 2! Simple!!


  6. There is no need to hide your husband. However never allege your relationship is perfect. Relationship advice is a very dicey subject that many people stay away from. No two people are the same, so no two relationships can ever be the same. Why many people are dissecting Toke’s situation is because she presented herself as an expert and it backfired. Many men have done what her husband did to her…Discussion for a different day.


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