Two brothers were invited to an event. One was a drunk and wife beater while the other one was very successful and a wonderful husband. At the event, the MC asked the first brother why he turned out this way and he said he is like this because of his dad. He said growing up, he used to see his dad come home drunk and watch him beat his mum so he copied his way of life. He asked the second brother why he turned out this way, so successful and he said his dad made him who he is today. His response shocked the MC and he said how come? You are successful and also a loving husband. He smiled and said true. He went further to explain to the MC that whenever his dad came home drunk, he always say to himself that “this is not the kind of life I want to live in future.” Whenever he sees him beat his mum, he would say to himself “I’m going to be a wonderful husband and a great dad, I won’t ever beat my wife.” Everyone applauded him when he finished talking.
Sometimes we use our family background as an excuse for our failure, we forget that even though we can’t change where we are coming from, we can always change where we are going to. I once attended a seminar where the life coach that spoke to us said something that really got to me. He said growing up, he was so poor that even the poor called him poor. He said they didn’t have TV, that whenever he goes to his neighbors place to watch TV, he would be told to sit on the floor. He said because of the way he was treated as child, he vowed to work hard and become successful in life. He told himself that he would be so successful to the extent that people will want to buy a shirt not because of the brand but because they saw him wearing it. This man today is a motivational speaker who turned out fine in life irrespective of his family background.
Every time I read about Tibs’ stories, I marvel… when she writes about herself and what she went through in life, I just smile and say “Thank God she turned out fine, she didn’t give up.” I want to speak to someone today who is passing through a difficult phase, I know sometimes life can be unfair you just want to throw in the towel, I also know sometimes it may seem like you have the whole world on your head… hold on my dear, no matter how long Today seems, Tomorrow will surely come and it will be better than Yesterday. There is always light at the end of the tunnel. Work hard, believe in yourself and pray. God will never fail you. 
LOTS OF LOVE LHers and thanks for all your comments!!!

21 thoughts on “NO EXCUSE

  1. sweetdee says:

    *sideeyes* at d two both of you
    Lily how come Mannie is FTC,I’m suspectin u o,u must have told him you wanted to post *toungueout*

    I always tell ppl never allow ur background affect ur life,whatever u r passin tru now,see it as preparation for ur greatness


  2. Thanks alot mami….I am really honored..honestly. You are right mami, you can be who ever you wanna be – NEVER let your family background determine who you should be in life. This is really encouraging. Thank you for this. It reminds me that everything was actually worth it in the end.


    • You’re welcome dearie, thanks for allowing me. If you’re going through challenges and you need formula on how to scale through, you see that babe *points up* ask her and she will put you through.


  3. Wonderful thoughts and perspective. Life is a curve-and will always be. With determination and hope, nothing is impossible really. Its nice of you to share that piece.


  4. Mehnnn this line made me go hmmmnnnn… The line that went we can’t change where we are coming from, but we can change where we are going to… and it had me go Yyyyyyeeaaaahhh mehn…. truly yeah Lily… we can’t change our yesterday… but you see our Today ba Baby mi… we have full control over it… Nice one Bubba… Keep winning.. Keep slaying.. and keep keeping on… Cheers to the bright future called TOMORROW…

    Sent on the go…


  5. True words. I’m glad for this inspiration we draw from one another. Well done maami @Tibs. I’m uber proud of you. Sadly though, truth is when we face challenges some people focus while others fold. One brother chose to focus and become better, the other chose differently.


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