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When I was little, my favourite colour was yellow but as I grew older, it changed to green and is still green. Some people changed their fav. colour once or many times during their lifetime while others have one colour for their whole lifetime. 

Hola LHers!!! How has your day been? Mine has been okay but I’m looking forward to going home. I read somewhere that our fav. colour say a lot about our personality and that everyone has a fav colour although some are more naturally drawn to some colours more than others. Anyway, I thought to share with you guys what I found… 
Green: People who like green are often affectionate, loyal and frank. Green lovers are very concerned about what others think of them and they consider their reputation very important.(Yeah that’s me)

Red: People who like red are action oriented people with deep need for physical fulfillment. Red lover are bold, tenacious, ‘charged’ and like to make a lasting impression everywhere they go.

Orange: People who like orange like to be the centre of attention, they like to socialize, tend to be flamboyant in nature and not likely to have many serious thoughts.

Yellow: People who like yellow love learning and sharing knowledge with others. They are perfectionist, exciting to be around and have a great sense of humour.

Purple: People who like purple are artistic, unique and have great respect for people but at times can be arrogant.

White: People who like white are meticulous in their appearance, neat, logical, courageous, sincere and brave.

Brown: People who like brown are simple and down-to-earth. They like things as they are and can do without any complications that come with change. Brown lovers are reliable, frugal and not flashy.

Pink: People who like pink are a little bit naive with delicate sensibilities. They are child-like in the way they interact with others.

Blue: Blue is the most popular colour. Blue lovers are cool, calm, neat, reliable, sensitive and always make an effort to think of others.

Black: People who like black are extrovert but they are careful with the details of the their lives and do not share easily with others. Black lovers are artistic, serious, confident, strong, decisive, emotionally contained and have a need for power and control.

What is your fav. colour? Does it describe your personality?



  1. Oh mami..I am ‘All black Everyday’…Mofaya is a ‘Blue’ man…In a way tho’, these meaning make lots of sense to me…I am an extrovert buh I do not need to be in control…if anything, I love when people take charge around me cuz it makes my life easier..Ergo you!…you help me alot and Jesus Christ! What will I do without you…probably worry from now till judgment day…hehe

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  2. Tricia says:

    I really don’t have a Favourite colour…I used to love green in Secondary school and as I grew older it started to rotate between Pink, blue and black but now that I am Old…#Smiles# am in LOVE with every colour, different moments and Seasons…different colours.


  3. heheheheh That green is definitely not me Biko! Ah! Care about what others think of them ke?! **Yimu.. naahhhh… hehehe But that pink own killed me shaa.. lmao! lwkmdooo.. no be small childish oh.. heheheheh You know yeah Bubba.. i used to be #TeamBlue all my life.. But when i got into the real world.. and due to the fact that I hustle and trek a lot plus Black no dey quick dirty… **covers face.. I now like Black.. hehehehe.. On a serious note though.. I lovvvveee Black.. Its pure in its own terms… Ehhmm Baby mi… I am definitely not emotionally contained oh! i am an emotional wreck atimes… heheheh How are you Lily?! We should have Lunch oh! Amma call you soon Bubba… 🙂

    Thank you for this post.. It was ghen ghen like that… And the crowd smiless… 🙂


    • lol, mehn you’re funny Duru. Truth is, there was a time i liked black tho like when i was in 100L, i wanted a black bed sheet because i hate washing and all the bed sheet my mum bought for me where white and a touch of other colours.


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