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12 thoughts on “RELATIONSHIP

  1. Olaitan says:

    Hello Lily! For me, i believe education is key. if i get degree and he no get, there will be an issue.if i have a masters degree and he doesn’t have, no issue at all. my own is have a degree at least. it might not be useful now because of the state at which the country is. unemployment and all but it will be useful later. BUT if the guy is stinkingly rich, Babe i no go mind o 😀 in short we won’t have any issue at all.


  2. Lizzie says:

    Well ordinarily it shouldn’t, but in This country at least he has to have a good educational background, even if it doesn’t have up to mine, he should have a whole lot to offer in terms of intelligence.


  3. Efe says:

    When questions like these come up, it’s interesting to see how much double standards, hypocrisy and shallow thoughts come to play.
    For me, the ideal partner is not necessarily a degree holder. If u can express yourself properly and have a functional brain, I have no issues.
    I don’t place so much emphasis on degrees. We have so many degrees in this country yet we know not our left from our right.
    Just be intelligent. I hope I don’t need to explain the difference between academic brilliance and intelligence. I value wit over any degree.


  4. Hiya mami….Erhmmmm I dunno mehn…I mean, I wouldn’t want a guy who says ‘I was went to the market and I falling on the road’….at the same time I don’t want a man who would reset my past and fast forward my future with his grammar….hehe…..I am very on this one…


  5. As I no go school now and I come see one fine chic wey get masters degree, wetin I go come do? Love is blind now. So I gast chase am regardless of the difference in education.




  6. Lemme just say this, I once dated a guy who only had ssce, but was doing really well for himself, could speak passable english tho not very fluent cos of limited vocabs. Thought I could cope at first but discovered I couldn’t. He was intelligent alright but we were not operating on same frequency.


  7. Education doesn’t guarantee common sense, relationship between two people is of the heart, there’s a certain education level that erode someone’s value. To me just be sensible enough………..


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