Hiya Lhers!!! How has your day been? Hope we are good? I wish I could say I’m good but I am not feeling myself at all, my throat is just doing me one kine, one kine like I’m about to have cough.
Today’s post is related to a passage I read during my quiet time this morning. The writer started the passage with a question. He said “How do you respond when you are treated badly?” He gave a short story of a man who stopped by a news-stand every morning to pick up a paper and every time he stops, the man behind the counter would always be nasty to him but the man was always nice to him. When a friend asked him why he remained so kind in the face of such rudeness, his reply was “Why would I let his attitude dictate my attitude?” Hmmm….
What’s your take on this?
BTW Lily’s Haven is 5 Months today. The journey has not been so smooth but I’m still moving forward. Thanks guys for keeping me company on this long journey, it means a lot to me. Lots of love LHers!!! Tibs of life I sight you, thanks for always reminding me …

17 thoughts on “YOUR RESPONSES

  1. Yagaaaaaaa people! So congrats mami on 5 months on blogsville…I gotta hand it to you tho’, you have come really far in a short time and you are doing super duper great mehnnnnn…Kudos mami!… the post tho’…I have no chill…so maybe a few slaps here and there might straighten him up… hehehe

    Congrats mami!!!


  2. Firstly, hope your throat feels better already. Secondly, congratulations on your blog journey so far. Well what do I do when I get treated badly? Well if it’s a business, I simply stop patronizing them, and if it’s an individual, I make it a point to call them out, and respond with love -no one can really make you feel bad about yourself, unless you allow them.


  3. IVORY 01 says:

    it all depends though..i have had many silence is golden and duct tape is silver moments that people get is my i will pass moment..while at other times,silence means consent so i cum dowm really hard on d person or situation…in the end ,it depends on my mood and the situation.


  4. The cough never still go? I’m guessing u kissed a frog :p.

    Well as for my attitude towards people who treat me badly, if you don’t like; I don’t like you too. #ThatsAll



  5. mykojokrom says:

    Let me be obviously be frank here, I do wish I had the heart and attitude of the man(victim). I’m quick tempered and really find it difficult to forgive those who offend me.

    I do believe changing for the best and adopting the attitude of that man is te way yo go.

    Thanks and please do have a great weekend as well.

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    • Thanks for being frank Mykojokrom. I used to be quick tempered(still am tho) but now what i do is ignore. I believe you can work on your temper just like me by tolerating or ignoring people that are annoying. Truth is i have so many of them in my office, I see them everyday, they piss me off but i just ignore. I used to let their attitude affect me and i noticed i was always sad, don’t give a shit about them anymore, i act like they don’t exist, talk to them when necessary.


  6. CONGRATS LOVE and sorr about your throat. I am sure u feel a lot better now

    I hate it when people are rude or scream/shout at me. You can civil and still pass your message but unfortunately i am cool but i don;t take it cool with people who comes rude at me. But it all depends, they can be ignored at some point


  7. Omogbolahan! says:

    Congrats on your Monthiversary, i’m sure ur cough is gone now, glory be to God.

    With me, it’s do me I do you worse, I try as much as I can to not take nonsense from anybody!


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