Hello familie. Thanks for your comments on the previous post, I learned something new. You know, I love asking questions and I never give up asking until my curiosity is satisfied.. So guys expect more questions from me from time to time okay. ☺

If you have an annoying colleague you can’t stand please put up your hand. If you’re not the only one complaining in your office about this colleague please raise your other hand. If this colleague has pushed you to act in a way you wouldn’t have kindly raise one of your legs, lol.

Sometime last year on my way home with two of my colleagues, we got chatting and one of them asked a funny yet serious question. She said “if you were given a gun to shoot one of your colleagues who would it be? I and the other colleague looked at each other and mentioned the same name. We started laughing immediately because it was like we planned it. Guess what? The person that asked the question said she had the same name in mind SMH.

A bad character is like a flat tire, it can not be hidden. This person in question has an attitude, everyone in my office complains bitterly about her. Some days ago, I heard a guy in my office told her never to speak to him again(´・_・`). Truth is, on Monday I was forced to take a decision because of her annoying attitude. She did sometime irritating to me that made me say “its enough.” I have made up my mind to stay clear off her before I say or do something stupid. I have also removed her from all my social media platform. Anything that will make us relate has be work related.


Got something you want to talk about?

20 thoughts on “CHARACTER…

  1. The worse part is such persons are often times painfuly oblivious of their shitty character. Me I just pretend you don’t exist, I’ll ignore you completely ul begin to doubt your existence.


  2. Oh mehnnnnn…Mami, I got my legs and arms up…I got a colleague that if given a gun, I will shoot him….Everytime I got to record on set, there is this know-it-all dude…I HATE IT!!!…and the bloody dude is always in my face….I mean, no matter how I try to avoid him, he always finds a way to get in my face…..Grrrr….Murder has to be legal at some point mehnnnn…

    Howdy mami and Annie – I got my eyes on you lah!!!!!


  3. sweetdee says:

    Only one person comes to mind mehn! This particular person makes me wish I had witchcraft cos dts d way I can commit murder without goin 2 jail…………………….


  4. I don’t have such a colleague yet. Probably bcos I only spend half of my time in the office. Except it’s some of the custodians I meet in da banks sometimes.



  5. eze vincent says:

    Very annoying people do not come close to me…cause I snap immediately or just snub you Till you doubt your existence…


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