Reason(s) please…

26 thoughts on “POST NATAL CARE

  1. Definitely/traditionally, it has to be the mom in-law. It’s been that way even b4 I was born. Exception in cases when the mom of the lady is late.



  2. Olaitan says:

    The girl’s mum because i bliv at that point every lady needs their mom. I bliv she will be more comfortable with her mum although they are some mother-inlaws that are like your own mother. They are nice like dat. But then The mother in law shud come first if d lady’s mum is late or out of town.


  3. Well in my case both my mothers came, but ideally its the girls mom that comes for the omugwo. The mother inlaw can come if she wants but according to tradition, the girls mother owns that.


  4. I find it hard getting on your blog. Now I’m here but can only see comments and guess what the post is about.

    I wouldn’t want both moms to be around at the same time. I’m cool with either coming first. Infant, I think my mil would pamper me more


  5. Mum-in-law please. I pray I have one like my sisters’. She stayed for a year after my sister’s triplets and my sister cried when she was leaving. You go fear pampering nah. The one month my mum was there for, she had one or two corrections for how she should have done certain things.


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