The above photo caught my fancy on Instagram. Immediately I saw it, I started nodding my head in consent because I could relate the quote to something presently happening and immediately, I reposted it. Hello to my wonderful LHers, hope we are cool? Hiya Mannie and Tibs, I hope one of you guys get to comment first today, smiles…

You see, I used to be very close to this cousin of mine. We were inseparable until she bruised my feelings. She said and did things I’m too ashamed to write here to me. In fact when she said and did those things, I wasn’t angry with her, I was rather ashamed and disappointed in her. I kept trying to convince myself that maybe, just maybe she was hypnotized but I knew I was deceiving myself. I tried to make her see that what she did was wrong but I got tired trying to because she refused to accept and tried to turn the table.

My cousin and I used to talk four to five times weekly on the phone because we stay in different states but now we only talk four times in a year. We talk on my birthday, her birthday, Christmas day and new year day. We communicate like strangers. When we are on the phone, we usually don’t know or have anything to say to each other. I have forgiven her but we can’t have a relationship again.

This quote brought back memories mehn. So tell me, what is your take on the above quote? Is there a story you want to share?





15 thoughts on “FORGIVENESS!!!

    • sweetdee says:

      Hmmmm,I have a freind I used to b very close to,we were very close mehn,we understood each other,dere was a time I fell sick n she used d opportunity to get 2geda with my bofreind then,I felt really bad but I’ve forgiven her tho we don’t communnicate with each oda again


    • Yay!!! Sweet Dee is FTC today. Dee I won’t be friends with her too you know. She wasn’t suppose to date him since she knew you guys were dating.


  1. annie says:

    Yea,I quite agree with d photo…I may forgive a person dat offended me,bt will nt re-establish my relationship with d person,If dat person will always cause me trouble. Once beaten,twice shy…


  2. Hey mami…This quote is super true. You do NOT have to build a relationship with someone just because you forgave them….I know this because I have first-hand experience of that…I had to forgive a lot of people buh I have NO relationship whatsoever with them and do not intend to…that doesn’t mean I haven’t forgiven them lah….

    Sweet Dee!!!!!…..My eyes are on you lah…


  3. Depends really. If I liked a person so much, I could give what ever relationship we gat a trial. But it’s rare.

    Unfortunately I wasn’t d ftc again but God will remember my ftc matter like He did to the biblical Sarah.



  4. Ooooossssheeey Turn uP! Thats our Lily toh sure.. Always Dishing it out as e dey Hawtt..See ehn baby mi.. In my 23 years 4 months and 25 days old Confused head ehnnn.. I see love and friends like Birds… When they hurt you.. Forgive them and let them go.. If they come back to you.. Then Y’all are meant to be.. If not.. then move on oh jari.. There are many fishes in the water… **Wears Evil smile..

    Most times when i have one kain issue with someboRRy and we find a way to settle the MaRRa.. I see it as a fools work trying to recreate ALONE the damaged friendship.. Cause in my scattered head ehnnn, neither friendship nor love is forced.. they are mutually rebuilt by BOTH willing parties.. Nice one Bubba.. This was a very very very apt and ghen ghen read.. And the crowd goes.. Yeeeaaahhh mehn! File ah Dont Touch it Biko! **Shines teeeth.


  5. I can totally relate. I’m in a messed up-sick-silly situation right now that I feel like telling someone ”please don’t forgive me.” Yeah, it’s that annoying, I don’t even want the feud to end again.


  6. I absolutely agree with the above quote. You forgiving the person truly gives room for a second chance, another opportunity to rebuild things but it’s not mandatory you do. One truth I have come to realize is an apology restores opportunity but not trust. So if the trust is still an issue what’s the point to becoming chummy again?

    Nice piece. Familiar names. Hiya beautiful people *waves excitedly*


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