Happy Sunday to my wonderful LHers. Hope we went to church today? Thank God for this weekend because I was able to rest.
Today’s post is about a video I watched last week. This funny video got my colleagues and I laughing so hard and I also noticed it has a lot of shares and likes on Facebook too. The video is about a girl and a guy that has been dating for some years now, I think they are South Africans. (not sure tho) So this dude took his girlfriend to dinner. I think they always go there to eat (I noticed from their conversation) and anytime he takes her there, she always feel like he’s about to propose to her. So on this particular day, he took her there and as usual she expected him to propose but when he didn’t propose but rather told her to order what she wanted to eat, she flared up and this surprised the dude. She started complaining that she has been expecting him to propose to her whenever he brings her there but he never propose and that since he can’t propose to her, she has decided to help him. She opened her bag, brought out two glass cups and a ring, she placed the cups on the table then she said to him “I propose you propose to me.” Her boyfriend was so scared like she was going to beat him if he does not propose to her so he went down on his kneels and asked her to marry him. The babe was so happy she kept smiling and staring at her ring. Lol.
Ladies if you have been dating a guy for over three years and he does not propose to you,  can you take a bold step like this lady and ask him to propose to you?
Guys if your girlfriend propose you propose to her will you propose to her?


  1. Ha! I saw that clip…OMG! It cracked me up mami…The guy was so scared that he couldn’t speak out loud. He kept muttering and stuttering…hehe How’s you mami..

    Annie – I am watching you with me 12D glasses!!!! Grrr


  2. I cannot propose to a guy ohhh. Hmmmm, that kain thing. I will just be waiting jejeli and tabling my matter before bros Jay, when I tire to wait, I go pack my bag begin move front.


  3. Omogbolahan! says:

    Lmao, no chill no more, girls aren’t smiling this time o…if a girl proposes to me when i’m not ready, i’ll just counter propose.


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