I woke up this morning feeling like someone had played a fast one on me. You see, I went to bed by 10:50pm and as I was trying to get comfortable in bed, my alarm clock woke me up. Mehn was I shocked! First I thought maybe I didn’t set the right time only for me to check and it was 4:30 am. I decided to reset my alarm for 5:am and before I could close my eyes, it was already 5am. Grrrr!!! I carried my grumpy self and sat up. Was confuse, didn’t know if I should say a short prayer or sit-sleep for some minutes. Anyway, I did both and later, I walked into the bathroom to have my bath.

Hello wonderful LHers!!! How has your day been? Hope we are good? Guys, I think my sleep life is gradually declining, I think I’m losing it. I can’t remember the last time I slept for 8 hours, weekends don’t feel like it used to be these days because for a while now, I have been working on Saturdays. Sundays are not left out too because I still have to wake up early for church. It’s always a battle between sleep and I every evening on my way home. I struggle to stay awake and sometimes, I’m forced to buy chips to keep my mouth busy so I won’t fall asleep. This sleep ish* is really affecting me.

Has anyone ever been in my shoes? How did you manage it? Would really like to know.


28 thoughts on “SLEEP…

  1. annie says:

    Lol…It happens all d time,bt when u have a commitment,u need 2 get ur ass off d bed and go 2 work! Dat’s what I call discipline!!


  2. sweetdee says:

    Babes can’t u apply for casual leave?n during dt period,u switch off every gadget u own so ur boss doesn’t change her mind n calll u back 2 work,seriously I think u shud o,body no b firewood o,so u won’t just breakdown,its cos ur body is nt getting enough rest dts y it seems ur sleep is not enough,this is d only way I think u can battle ds prob o


  3. Omogbolahan! says:

    What would I do without my first love, Mrs. Sleep? I so love sleep ehn, to wake me in d morning is always 3rd world war, I can so understand what u’re feeling like…man must chop nah, it’s going to make sense very soon sha.


  4. I think you should take a few days off work dear. I took yesterday off myself. Any small suspicion na day off o! Take at least 3 days off, say Wednesday to Friday. Buy fuel, Dvds and try out new recipes. Would be more relaxing than spending so much on a vacation to a foreign land. #stayhealthydear


  5. **covers face** Yes mami, It’s been a while…I know..**sigh** I plan on sleeping, eating, relaxing the hell out of this holidays!!! I am gonna relax like never before mehnnnn…I have been sooooooo stressed out!

    Annie!!!!!!! I see you in my designated FTC position!!!!…**adjusts bazooka**


  6. I love sleep, no apologies. but I do not get enough, No thanks to my job. Some days, I just want to call in sick and just sleep. But, my conscience does not allow me. I am seriously thinking about calling in sick one of these days. Sleep is super essential and we shouldn’t trivialize it. God help us as we dey chase paper, make we no go collapse.


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