20 something years ago my mother gave birth to cute me with little hair. She nurtured me and as I was growing, she found out I had bow legs. My mother became worried so she took me to the National Orthopaedic Hospital Igbobi, Lagos State. There she was told they would have to break my bones then bandage them together. They told her I would use crutches until my bones healed and she said okay. Some minutes later she decided to use the toilet.  She said those days the toilet was at the back of the theater so as she passed through the theater, she heard a girl scream. She decided to peep to know what was happening and when she did she saw the doctors breaking the bones of a little girl’s legs and it hit her that that might be the same way they would break my legs. she forgot what she was going to do, ran back, carried me and left the hospital. She decided on her own to massage my legs with ori and she started giving me calcium for my bones. Thank God she never gave up on my legs. Today, I can rock whatever I feel like wearing without thinking of what people will say about my legs.


Since today is my birthday, I will be posting some of my pictures then tell you guys a little about me.
I am very principled 
284719_1842502716279_1890666_nI am not an adventurous person, not a risk taker. 
IMG_20141012_103038Remember I said I was born with little hair? Well, things have changed, I have very long hair,nice texture too. My hair is longer than my 16 inches extension .(yes i said it, people don’t believe me when they see it until they feel it) Although I don’t like exposing it because people always want to touch it when they see it.
Screenshot_2015-04-08-12-33-07I take things too seriously (Don’t know if it’s a good or bad thing)
I cherish my privacy
I don’t like people commanding me #shakeshead
I care a lot about people
I am grateful to God for life. I’m glad I turned out to be an amazing lady.






29 thoughts on “HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!!!

  1. Happy birthday sweetheart! God’s grace shall be evident in your life.
    Thank God Mom didn’t give up, look how amazing you turned out. I pray God gives you the bone of your bone cos you are an amazing person. Love love you.


  2. Wow! And i can’t even see the bow legs but a very beautiful lady with well structured physique and long hair.
    God is awesome! You are such a beautiful woman inside and out. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!


  3. Hephzibah says:

    Hbd hun… May the good Lord bless you, keep you, give you fulfilment, & shine His countenance upon you & your every endeavour. And may the best of your achievements, so far, pale into insignificance on comparison with the least of your achievements from henceforth. Les deseo un día más increíble, dulces. A Su Salud! ({})


  4. HENRY says:

    Happy Birthday to you dearie,u r indeed a gift to this earth and your generation. Welcome to a new era as the best days of ur life just started….. Cheers dear,enjoy ur day.


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