Happy Easter LHers,  hope we are having fun? Fun to me is staying indoors and not going to work #coversface#. Call me lazy, I will take it as a compliment, lol #tongueout# Mehn what’s happening? I almost died from laughing this morning,  come and see people’s pm, Christ has rise,  Christ has arise, Christ has risen, Christ has rose, Christ has arouse, Christ is risen etc. Seriously, I was waiting to see Christ is rising lol. I got so confuse I didn’t know which to use (just kidding).
In other news,  my birthday is this week and I have no plans tho. I just want to be happy and full of smiles on that day. I have never been one who likes to party even tho I love to plan people’s party. I don’t mind hanging out with friends, have fun,  go see a movie, gist, laugh, have dinner with friends etc on my birthday. I’m not really a crowd person,  not much of a dancer and can’t stand noise. (may be I am shy) Tibs I am sorry but you ain’t planning no party for me, maybe when I am thirty I will allow you plan one for me but for now, no way! Thanks so much for wanting to do this for me, it means the world to me and to TTT familie that wanted to plan this with her,  You guys rock big time but we will just hold the thought till when I am thirty years old lol.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME IN ADVANCE, LOVE ME PLENTY💋💋💋
P.S: I have started receiving gifts:)

22 thoughts on “HAPPY HOLIDAY!!!

  1. Anonymous says:

    I owe you a lot cos I need to makeup for the wrong I put you through December period. Hope I still have a chance to make you smile once again


  2. Omogbolahan! says:

    Happy birthday in advance presido, still can’t believe u didn’t accept that stripper party TTT proposed, it woulda been da bomb, it’s Ok sha, we’ll just what till thirty!


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