Wassup LHers! Hope we are good? So today I checked my stats and I realized that I have over 3000 views hmmm! We are getting there. Today’s post is something I like to tag “Picture Post.” I will be using pictures to express myself. You see, experience is the best/worst teacher but you can not get experience if you’re dead. You need to be alive to learn from your experience or other people’s experience. 
Show love, care and respect to people as a reflection of your character.
images-2Some things are inevitable 
You have to let go to move forward
Be thankful even when things are not working as planned, God is still God, He knows what he is doing.
Live a worthy life 


19 thoughts on “TODAY’S LESSON

  1. Ossshhheeeey Turn up!! My nnnniiiggggaaaaa.. Lily be gerring Stronger day by day.. Wow! 3k views in less than 6 months?! Chisos! A neFer hexsperred it oh! inshort i knat BeliFit.. hehehehe nice one baby mi.. I like that you are breaking grounds.. Bigger you I pray.. may the ororo of Wisdom never dry insha Allah. I am sure It took me almost 2 year to get to 3k views sef. hehehe .. You na Linda Ikeji oh Lily toh Sure! and the crowd goes.. oooossshhheeeyy.. Bubba that last picture and the first one too sank into my 23 years 3 months and 13 days confused head wella and sealed it for me.. But i am learning in Life that no one can ever treat us how we treat them, so its best to never expect.. and the last one.. Said “It aint about what you bought but what you built…” and to it i say word.. Truly Baby mi, your blog spews inspiration and wisdom.. Mbok. Can I be like you when I grow up?! i beg you in the name of Coca-cola.. **Wears mr. Nigeria smile.. Cheers Bubba, and thanks for voting for the Young and Confused blog.. I appreciate baby mi, aswear I do.. and the crowd goes.. Awwwggghh.. **Shines teeth

    Lily T-Notes is Doing something here: Insha allah bubba, it will be fun.. Please indulge Baby mi, pretty please?! 🙂

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  2. Wow!!!! The rate at which this blog is growing eh??…We may need to relocate to a permanent site (like Mofaya says)….Mami, these are really encouraging words…The third photo bout flying falling….That speaks to me…..To be able to fly my futuristic private jet ‘myself’…I need to be able to ride a bicycle….(which I never learnt how to)….so I am off to bully Mofaya into buying me one…hehehe….Spot on mami!


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