Hello LHers, hope we are good? It’s just Tuesday and I already feel stressed out, I think I need a vacation. Well, today’s post came up while I was discussing with a friend some time ago and I know this is one topic most ladies and a few guys might find interesting. “Telemundo” as we all know is now a household name. Everyone has a particular telenovela and Latino character that has caught their fancy. Telemundo soaps in a way has saved and also destroyed a lot of relationships in real life, it has also helped an individual too.

A lot of people once with bad fashion sense have started upping their game, they look at the fashion sense of these characters and try to dress like them, although some of our sisters go overboard forgetting that our culture and weather are different from theirs. Most relationships have been revamped too you know, our Naija bobo and sisi are trying so hard to be romantic like these stars (they don’t want to carry last), they sometimes try what they watch these Telemundo characters do but they sometimes forget it’s just fiction. You find some ladies go the whole 9 yards(abi 10 yards sef) in bed with a guy that is not yet their husband because they want to practise what Willy and Samantha did last night in ‘Fearless Heart’ abi is it the style Lola and Andres did in ‘My heart beats for Lola?’ Hmmm… lol. Well, not like I am trying to judge anyone but…

Okay, here are 8 things I have noticed about Telemundo soaps;

1. The storyline is always on love, hot romance and betrayal.

2. They always fight for love.

3. When two people fall in love, they alway encounter lots of hitches.

4. The bad ones like Fernanda and Bernado hurt/kill anyone that meddles in their                  relationship

5. There’s always a rich family and a poor family, two people from these families always       fall in love.

6. Someone always dies.

7. The ladies are always good looking and slim (no wonder ladies these days are                 watching their weight including me) while the guys are tall, well built and                           very handsome.

8. Have you guys also noticed they always get married to their childhood love?

These are the 8 things I have noticed about Telemundo soaps’ feel free to add yours. BTW, I think these soaps have the same predictable storyline as our Naija movies, don’t you think so?





    • Kay, are you in Nigeria?????? The villians always torment/ torture/ have their way and pay for it in the last episode, while the protagonist suffers and suffers till thy kingdom come, have a child, become blind, get betrayed on, fall for set ups e.t.c so many cliches. These soaps aren’t realistic for people who live their lives based on them, you’ll just loose. That’s not how the rea world works especially in relationships.


    • Yes o babe, you got it there, they never age, see Soledad and Lola, mother and daughter, what were they thinking? They even wear make up when they leave the bathroom, lol.


  1. Oh my Lily.. my god! I love how much ground you are gathering around your feet on blogger… you already sound like a Pro blogger…iTrip… mehn me i dunno nathing about Telemundo, last one i watched was secreat of the sands, and it was cause my mother loved it.. think i was 5 then… but since dey have Sex scenes, then amma become a fan asap.. **winks… lmao @someone always dies… Its like Pornography biko, its just make believe… nice one able Welcome Comitee chair Woman, i want to be like byou when i grow up. OOOSSSSHHHEY! Blogger toh sure and the crowd goes… Yyyyeeeeaaahhh mehn 🙂


    • Thanks Duru, appreciate your words of encouragement. Did you just say the last soap you watched was ‘secret of the sand?’ Where have you been living guy, in the woods? lol, pay no attention to me jare. I understand because you are a guy.


  2. Lol. Yearight! So true. N why should anyone see a movie and want to act it out. Biko! Everything in movies re brief and perfect, try am for real life u go hate yourself. ‘Nyways common sense should be applied tho #shikena


  3. Since Telemundo was added to dstv I’ve never watched it, I just skip through. I just don’t have the patience for all these over dramatic, over flogged, over stretched soaps. Last mexican telenovella I saw was “when you’re mine” or something like that and its cos of my sisters, they forced me ni.


  4. **cocks shotgun** Kay!!! You have a choice…no more FTC or you stand in the sun!…hehe… Erhmm mami, I have heard so much bout ‘telemundo’….altho’ it sounds like commando and teletubbies to me…hehe….Is it possible to watch it on youtube, I don’t mind finding out what all the fuss is bout tho’…Hows you mami?


  5. ife says:

    Same same plot, setting, everything same. I don’t watch them again, except I happen to meet people watching it. D first and last soap I really followed was when u r mine. I don’t know about d others.


  6. Gbamest gbam! @ all your observations. The last I watched was Salvador or whatever but all your observations are so true, especially, the issue of class struggle/segregation, love, tall and fine boys, all the skinny girls and marrying their childhood loves.


  7. mrs Akhonyanta says:

    nice one Osahen,how are u $ family?hope u guys are good? anyways I’m in love wit telemundo soaps .I love dere soaps even though its abt love ,love love .lol


  8. Soaries says:

    The always act like they got no other jobs other than personal and emotional issues…The sad thing is that Nigerian women wants their Naija lovers to be exactly like them when it comes to romance… Impossicant!!!!!


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