Hiya LHers! Hope we are good? Something embarrassing and funny happened to me on Sunday. I would really appreciate if you guys don’t laugh at me (just kidding) you are free to laugh joor. So on Sunday morning while preparing for service, I decided to check my contact DPs and PMs on bbm. As I was just feeding my eyes with people’s update, I noticed  “12 weeks and craving for skittles” on a friend’s PM.

At first I was shocked at her PM. So I enlarged this babe’s DP, scrutinised her pishure with my detective eyes, looked at her PM again to be sure I saw the right thing. When I couldn’t take it anymore, I pinged her and said ‘babe are you pregnant?’ While I was waiting for her reply, I decided to feed my eyes more with new updates and lo and behold, I saw a similar update in someone else’s DP. I wasn’t so surprised with this other one because I knew she couldn’t be pregnant and also, we chatted like last week. It was then I knew something was happening.


You guys want to guess what I did? Yeah… you guessed right. I pinged this babe because I’m that kind of person that would never keep mute if something is trending and I have no idea. Since she is my paddy, I asked her to please explain what was happening because I can’t fit carry last on this matter and it seems I have fallen my hand already. Immediately she sent me the BC that has been trending among ladies, it was a campaign against breast cancer and I was like mehn, I just fell my hand. I told her what I did and she LOLed me and told me to just ping the babe and tell her not to bother but before I could do so, the babe has already read my comment and LOLed me. That didn’t stop me from forming I know what’s up, I told her not to worry that I know the gist now, she said the BC right and I said yes. Later on, my friends on bbm starting sending the BC to me after I have fallen my hand #sadface.

Who saw the BC going about on Sunday?

What was the first thing that came to your mind when you saw it on your contact PMs?
BTW, Tomorrow is my one and only sister’s birthday. Wishing her a happy birthday in advance, all the best in life dearie.

Agege Itohan Ann


25 thoughts on “LASTMAN.COM

  1. Luvly Love says:

    hehehehehe! someone sent the BC to me but I paid little or no attention to it. I didn’t understand at first, so when I saw it on another person’s p m, I decided to read again d BC that was sent to me earlier, it was only then I understood d whole thing and joined d trend oo *winks*


  2. Omogbolahan! says:

    Now I know what that thing means, i’ve been wondering 2 o, I even thought all of them girls are trying to lose weight @ d same time, lol.


  3. Lmao!!! The Topic got me like Kilode?! Thing is ehn, me i used to kukuma behave myself.. When i see display picshurs that i like, I thief it. When I the ones or Private messages that are, i just jejely dey my own, cause i cannot fit to do chuku chuku mouth :).. In other news yeah, thats why i dont do BBM, it is too much of an Aproko center, too much gist true and false gist everywhere.. Nice one Lily Koko, you keep amazing me with every post and blowing my mind like Boko Haram.. I am smiling as i type this baby mi.. and the crowd goess… YYYeeeeaaahh mehn! Turn down for what mbok?! With Lily Koko, we only Turn up in style. **Wears Mr Nigeria smile. 🙂


  4. Uh oh will it be odd if I say I didn’t get no bc, didn’t see nada on any of my contacts pm and I’m just now hearinv this for the first time… coversface. My contacts and I must be from Mars


  5. For you to know how far my gbeborun can go… I’m 4 weeks and craving double chocolate chip crunchy cookies… Yes ladies, I’m a man and I know what the code means *tongue out* *runs away*.


  6. ife says:

    I guess this is late, but even at this time, I haven’t even heard of it and I didn’t see it on ur pm either, I wonder o. I feel am becoming outdated o


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