What’s popping LHers? Hope we are good? Remember sometime ago, I said I was nominated for two awards by Ahmed who blogs here? Today, I want to quickly do a post on the Versatile award. 
The versatile award is a blogger award, once you are nominated for this award, you automatically get the award. There are five principles/rules  that anyone nominated for this award must adhere to and they are;
1 Thank the person who gave you this award.
2 Include a link to their blog.
3 Next, select 15 blogs/bloggers that you have recently discovered or follow regularly.
4 Nominate those 15 bloggers for the Versatile Blogger Award.
5 Finally, tell the person who nominated you 7 things about yourself.
So here is me saying a big thank you to Ahmed of the keyboard talk for nominating me for this amazing award, appreciate so much. 
Bloggers I am nominating (Kindly click on their names for their blog link)
Lohla                          Petite Diva              Tuke
NB                              Somii                       Eniwealth
Ogeyh                        Esther                     Zeezah  
Bolateethole             Adaezenwa           Anuoluwapo
Kay                            Feyi                         Toin
Seven things about myself hmmm!
My favourite colour is green.
I am a blog addict, I have over 40 blogs bookmarked on my phone that I visit at least twice a week, although I seldom comment on them (covers face).
I have a very nice dentition and guess what? They are all milk teeth.
I don’t really have a favourite meal even tho I like eating yam and bread, I like any food that taste good.
I am in my mid twenties
I hate insects.
I am not an introvert but I enjoy my company more.
Mehn, finally done with the Versatile award post, its been a busy day. Would probably do the  liebster award later, gat to go.



28 thoughts on “THE VERSATILE AWARD

    • Don’t be surprise my dear, even my dentist is still in shock. In Uni, a final year dental student wanted to use me for his project, so he took me to the theatre to do his business. When his Dean came, he asked me to open my mouth, when i did he was like ‘this is can’t be real’. He then casked the guy to look at my teeth and tell me what he noticed, he looked and said he didn’t notice anything, the dean now called the guy’s colleague to come and look at my teeth. All this while, i knew what was happening so i was just smiling in my heart. Those ones didn’t notice anything too. He got angry and said are those not milk teeth? I don’t want to believe that at this stage you can’t differentiate between milk and permanent teeth. They were all shocked, they kept taking turn to come look at my teeth and no i wasn’t embarrassed. He apologized to me because he couldn’t use me for his project anymore because he needs permanent teeth not milk teeth.


      • Lol….. All these FYB(s) and their project sef. . that’s how one asked to collect blood from my private part last session for project 😮


  1. Did I just read about you liking bread and yam as a combo? Some1 pls take me to mars. Ibi like say you be aboki lol. On a positive note, I like your dentition too but I think you’ve got supernatural powers embedded in your gum which you don’t know about yet. #JustSaying


    • I had to reply this immediately I saw it. Mannie what kind of combination is that? Bread and Yam? I like bread, I like Yam too. How can someone eat both together? You want me to choke? Lol, I like to feel like I have supernatural powers too sometimes, I even feel I’m from kryptonite. *shinesteeth*


  2. Wow! I saw milk teeth and couldn’t close my mouth…. funny yam and bread are my least favourite foods although I’m a big fan of agege bread. Like you, I’m NOT an introvert but I really enjoy my own company.
    Thanks for the nomination, I’ll put up a post soon


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