Happy Valentine’s Day!!!

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Love is in the air guys, who is excited!!!? I know a lot of us are already covered and soaked in love, for those of us who are yet to be bitten by the love bug, stay put… they are in your neighbourhood. Truth is, I have never been someone who looks forward to Valentine’s day, maybe it’s because I see it as every other day or… but that doesn’t mean I don’t accept gifts on Valentine’s day o lol. Please you guys should package my gifts very well(just kidding). So guys, I would like to know the best and worst gifts you have received on Valentine’s day. My worst gift was a card, I’m yet to receive my best gift.


HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY LHers, love you guys to pieces. 


12 thoughts on “Happy Valentine’s Day!!!

  1. Worst gift? A bottle of perfume that was obviously an after thought given how dusty the box was and it came without a gift wrap or any other fanfare. And this was from someone I was supposedly dating and came only after I had surprised her with several, well thought out gift packages. Best? A two day getaway to a resort (I forget the name) near eleko beach. Two days of ocean breeze and pampering with le boo. Nothing beats that.


    • Wow!!! Naija bachelor is in the building turn up! Turn up!! Turn up!!! Mehn your worst gift is so epic. As for your best gift… Sounds like you had fun on that day. Thanks for stopping by.


  2. ife says:

    I won’t really say it’s a worst gift whatsoever, d thing is av never celebrated d event itself, cos my relationship are always long distant ones so I get my gift like two months after, so I really don’t know if I could classify d gifts under valentine gift anymore.


  3. Somehow I’m not a valentine’s day present. Anyhow my best gift was a tiny teddy bear like thing made from beads, it was from a young boy who had a crush on me. He had the sweetest smile on his face when he gave it to me. How was your valentine’s day?


  4. annie says:

    Hmmmm, My worst Valentine gift was a rose and a pen…(I’m proudly Nigerian roses don’t freak me,wetin I wan use am do? Mtchewww!…bt sha if u give me blackberry Q10,I fit manage am sha) Still waiting 4 my best Val’s gift.


  5. For me the idea of Valentine should be what couples/lovers do everyday for each other but unfortunately we attach so much to the day. But if am to recall the three most romantic valentine experience, it would be these: a romantic dinner with my hubby and I and a friend of mine with her hubby and going straight to our hotel room afterwards and being gifted with a nice dress but a shopping spree or an all-expense paid vacation wont be a bad idea next time (hubby take note)


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