Hiya Familie, how was your weekend? Hope yours wasn’t as boring as mine? For today’s post, I decided to seek people’s opinion on a topic I find interesting. This is actually the first episode of this series as I like to call it. I’m trying to start something new, once in a while, I would just come up with a topic I find interesting, then go to the street and ask people for their opinion. I will tag it #streetopinion, what do you guys think?


I decided to flow with a topic a lot of us find interesting but confusing. I say ‘confusing’ because of what the society has made us believe about it. Some say it does not exist, others say it does exist while a few others are indifferent. This topic brought a lot of drama on my fb page some years back when I discussed it. So today, I decided to bring it back to my blog. I asked a lot of people what they think about love, if it was a feeling or a decision and below are their responses.

Kelvin: It’s both. It could be a feeling which grows everyday between both parties, Its could also be a decision based on religion, culture, society etc.
Femi: Love is a decision, we decide when to love and when not to. When someone shows affection and you decide to reciprocate, it’s a decision because there might be someone giving you the same attention but you may not be interested.
Charles: Love is a feeling because when you love someone completely, you love them irrespective of their flaws.
Lucy: Love is a decision. If love is a feeling, it will control you but when its a decision, you decide who to love and what to do in your relationship.
Michael: Love is a feeling, you feel first then decide whether to love or not.
Zainab: Love is a feeling because you don’t decide when it comes, it’s a sudden attraction that you can never determine when and where it happens. If love is a decision, it means you can decide when to start and stop loving someone.
Zoe: Love is neither a feeling nor a decision, it can’t be explained.
Ken: Love is a scam for women to chop men’s money.
Feyi: Love is a feeling but could happen overtime based on one’s decision or choice. 
JayJay: Real love isn’t a decision but what we have nowadays is a mix of both. You have to be sure the person meets some of your criteria before giving him/her a chance. So what we have now is a calculated attempt. 
Love can be a feeling and also a decision. Love can start as a strong feeling, then you decide if you want to take the feeling to the next level that is, start a relationship with the person or fight the feeling. Have you heard people say “I never loved my husband, I never really felt anything for him when we got married, I had to just force myself to marry him, just to please my family because they felt he was best for me but later on, I decided to learn to love him because he was always nice, gentle and caring to me, he treats me like a queen bla, bla, bla.”
So which team are you? Team feeling, Team decision or both?
BTW, I was nominated by Ahmed Kanan of thekeyboardtalk for the Versatile and Liebster Awards. Please you guys should visit his blog, awesome blogger. I will be doing a post on it soon.  


  1. annie says:

    This is beautiful! Congratulobia 2 Lily of life….I believe Love is a decision and not a feeling cos feelings tend 2 fail or change bt when u decide 2 love a person,it is a commitment,a bond dat can never be broken no matter d obstacle, u can overcome it with ur partner!


  2. I’d say, it’s a feeling and a decision for me. Often at times for me the first emotional connection always ends up being infatuation(temporary) or as a result of desire. And so it washes off with time. But when I decide to love a person, I do and can also decide to ”un-love” when I’m done.


  3. Love is a feeling which transcends to being a decision. You cannot keep loving someone who treats you shabbily, you decide to either stay or leave. So also do you decide to keep loving when the fluttering feelings die down.


  4. Hmmmnn Bubba, there is an issue with WordPress everywhere 😦 . Lemme try again.

    Life is simple.. and To Love and be loved is a choice.. We choose to make ourselves vulnerable, open our hearts to hurt, Open our bodies to be plucked like fruits at harvest.. In my 23 years 3 months and 1 day of existence i am learning that Love is a choice, and nothing more, Our Emotions support that choice to love.. I love Charles, Ken and Zoe’s responses ( I love their responses, cause i chose to love it 🙂 ).. They are so Apt and relatable. Cheers Bubba. P.S: You are growing stronger Lily, I am proud of you. Oooosssshhey!


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