Hiya LHer (Yeah, thanks to Tibs of life, she suggested the name)…Hope we are good? Mannie you do well o, thanks for reminding me that I’m due for another post…lol. So Today’s post was inspired from a talk show I watched some days back. You see, there’s this talk show called “The Real,” and I have been watching it for weeks now and mehn do I love those ladies. The show is hosted by five beautiful, intelligent and funny ladies (Adrienne Bailon, Tamera Mowry, Tamar Braxton-Herbert, Toni Love and Jeannie Mai). On this particular day, they decided to talk about “Excuses to not give him your number.”
According to Adrienne, ‘I use the regular I have a man when I am asked by a guy for my number’. Tamera Mowry in her own words  ‘I used to wear a ring (before she got married) which was written available and happy. Whenever I see a guy coming that I didn’t fancy, I put the ring on my ring finger’ and when my girl Tamar was asked for her excuse, she said ‘I have always been a realist, if a guy ask me for my number and I’m not interested, I say NO!’ She doesn’t mince words right? and that’s why I like her *winks*.
When I was much younger, I was a bad a** SNUB. When a guy asks for my number, I would give that annoying face and be like ‘what for?’ Later on, I started giving guys fake numbers but now ehn, our guys are not smiling at all o, they are now sharp, as you dey give dem the digits, dem dey try am for your presence to know whether na the correct one you give dem. These days, what I do is tell a guy I can’t give him my number but if he persists, I will give it to him (shebi na to give the number ni?) but when he calls me and I realise it’s that dude that really disturbed me for my number, I ain’t picking his call no more. If him like make him call me one million times, when him tiya, him go stop.
My sisters in the house, what excuse have you given to that guy you didn’t want to give your number to? My guys, what is the lamest excuse have you heard from a babe that didn’t want to give her number to you? 




31 thoughts on “HI… CAN I HAVE YOUR NUMBER?

  1. annie says:

    Lol,I’m so happy 2 be d FTC,yea…I’m on d FTC’s throne 2nite *winks* …..Clears throat nw to d issue on ground, my best and only excuse is dat I’m in a serious relationship,it can be physical or spiritual…after all I’m married 2 Jesus,satan leave me alone…abi,na lie be dat? Anyway,nice post,Sis….keep up!


  2. I actually do not care…… I don’t even ask….. I feel If you are truly that important and worth talking to for a second time, we’ll definitely meet again :mrgreen:


  3. Olaitan says:

    Lily! Welldone! Brilliant piece. Well…. I must say, we do the same thing when it comes to giving out digits to a guy. Na before my shakara dey high level lol. I use three lines. One of this lines is for the boys them lol the ones i dont dig so dem go call am tire! I decide whose call am gonna be picking. But if the first impression u create when we meet is not a good one, Nigga you aint getting my number! I say it that exact way. Yes! In your face loool.


  4. Prolly its just me amongst em’ guys but I don’t ask for a lady’s number I haven’t got a level of familiarity with (except it money oriented). By that time, she won’t refuse.




  5. I was waiting to see someone in one of these Government parastatals the other day and this elderly man was waiting at the reception too. After the normal courtesy greetings, he made one or two comments about what the broadcaster said on Channels TV hoping that I’d contribute. I smiled and got busy with my phone. After sometime, he presented his phone to me and said ” will you put your number here?” My sharp tongue came out to play instantly, I asked him ”why sir?” and he got the message.
    If the pestering is much, I give my pin which I can easily delete whenever.


  6. Ermmmm…mami…I dunno what is going on buh this is second time I am typing my comment, It just disappeared….like seriously!?!?!….buh lemme quickly say this eh….when a guy asks for my number and I do not wanna give him, I just say, ‘My father works for NASA and he tracks down all the calls made to my phone’…either we both laugh it off or he gets the message…easy peasy…lol


  7. When I was in camp, I was notorious for this number thing, if I decide to give you eventually, you go call tire!
    I’ve stored numbers with idiot, don’t pick, nuisance etc.


  8. Loular says:

    For me, I say NO but if you persist, I might give you which solely depends on my mood. I then decide if to pick your call or not, if I pick the call, the way I speak with you on the phone can suggest if to keep calling me or not…….but of course some guys can’t just read btw the lines.


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