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Bonjour les amis…comment faites-vous? Hehehehehehehe… feeling fly with myself because I know a lil french. For today’s post, I want to confuse you guys a little with my belief. I don’t know if y’all are familiar with the quote ‘you never realise the value of what you have until you lose it.’ The thing is, I’m sick and tired of hearing that s**t because to me in the real sense, when I lose something, I detach its value and dump it on something else.


Let me explain further… If I have something I love, I will keep it safe right? If something happens and I misplace it, I will get another one and move on. Let’s say I want a book and after buying it, it gets missing, what I will do is get another of that same book but if I can’t get it, I forget about it. To me, the book has lost its value because I no longer own it. Often times, I eavesdrop on people conversation(can’t help but do gbeborun!) and I hear them say ‘you never realise the value of what you have until you lose it’…bla, bla, bla. How can I give value to something that is no more? You know what I do when I lose something, I become amnesic, that way I don’t get to remember  that I once had it. I stripe it off it’s value. I hope I have been able to convince you and not confuse you with this post? Smiles…


Remember… It’s MY THOUGHT…




  1. Waddup LHers!!…I see someone took my FTC position…My God will judge eh!!!….mami….it is so true eh…if I lose something, it is because I was meant to lose it…I can’t bother myself bout it cuz it is either that thing isn’t meant for me or I am bout to get a better thing…..I love this post mami…

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