I have a colleague that thinks he knows me or can predict me because we have worked together for some months. He sounds like he has known me all my life and it really pisses me off. You know how people behave and say things about you because you stood your ground or challenged them because you felt they were wrong? That was what happened…I don’t easily give in to his opinion, I always challenged him and now, he is saying I am stubborn…I am this…bla…bla…bla.

Today, I was talking with a colleague that came up with an idea, she wants the two of us to anchor a programme because she feels we can both handle it, guess what this guy said? You guessed right, I was so pissed off because that was not his first time of making sure annoying remarks. I told him bluntly that that’s his opinion about me and it doesn’t count. Even when the lady was telling him that she thinks I can handle it because of what she has seen in me, the dude kept poking his nose and saying he knows what he is saying. You don’t want to know how I felt this morning…If eyes could kill…you don’t want to know the rest. Some people and their unnecessarily opinion that they can’t ‘keep to themselves’ about people they don’t really know mtschew!!! When did he become God? I just can’t stand such people with their “I know you and can predict your next move attitude.” RUBBISH!!!

Sorry about today’s post guys…just felt like ranting. I feel better now. if you know someone that acts like my colleague, don’t give them the chance to ruin your day.     HOW WAS YOUR WEEKEND?










25 thoughts on “CRAP!!!

  1. Those annoying people that just feel because they can talk, they have to have an opinion about you….. No vex my sister jare…. Other than the annoying colleague how was your day?


  2. ife says:

    Pele, don’t mind him. Am happy you didn’t give him a chance to reduce ur quality jare. I av some at my work place too but I just ignore them, in fact am used to their comments already so I see it as bullshit. They will only make u develop a tough skin and that’s fine. My weekend was splendid, can’t wait for another to come soon.


  3. IVORY 01 says:

    lolzzzz…easy honey..i would have kept mute,invested my strenght in the programme,proven him wrong and after which i will give him a very harsh warning to back people can be overbearing..just let go.good you ranted.i hope you are relieved now.


  4. Dee says:

    I hate such people ehn,its gud u were abu 2 rant,now give him d talk 2 d hand attitude n put in ur very best into ds programme,u can do it,dts d most important,his opinion doesn’t count, All d Best!!!!!


  5. It. Is most annoying when someone. Alleged falsely against one idiot anonymous spilling rubbish abt me on SDK chai!i have also replied her in my memo since SDK refused to post can imagine people calling me bla bla.i have grown a thick skin. i don’t care whatever or whoever says.

    People like that are just jealous of you,they. Can’t fathom the greatness in you,thats why they aare bitter and dey always see nothing good.keep your head up and ex him jooor.


    • This is so funny, i just finished commenting on your blog and i saw it…like i said, no mind that anonymous person and him village people,lol. Na for 5k dem just dey fool themselves…so bad. SDK will not see that one o and make correction…at least you’ve cleared yourself jare.


  6. annie says:

    People will always say wat they think and feel,bt u dnt have 2 allow wat they say affect u cos everybody is entitled 2 their opinion….dat guy might be feeling insecure cos he has seen d good in u,and he is scared u might take his job!My dear,jst knw dat when d going gets tough,d tough gets going…Put him 2 shame and accept d offer!


  7. **smiling** Yeah baby! Its good to get on here….Mami…I know someone like this….**sigh** I just tell him off straight up…I don’t over think it with that dude…first of, if I need your opinion I will write you a telegraph asking for it…mami…you need to tune that guy out…mami, have you heard of ‘selective hearing’….I have that disease…..I hear what I wanna hear, the rest? I throw it out…Like today, I heard, ‘Blah blah fever blah blah smoking blah blah young blah blah blah mother’…I chose Mother from the whole thing…you see, it is easy…try it…hehe

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    • A thousand likes for your comment. I also have that disease too my dear, I tune off when people say things i don’t want to hear, guess i contracted it from So glad you are better now.


  8. fisayo says:

    Lol.As we try to arm ourselves with knowledge,it quite essential too we learn the different categories of peoples and how to manage them.By this we wouldn’t av to get pissed all the time when their shortcomings manifest.


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