Growing up, i wanted to be many things and i swear i was all of them in my head…lol,   I think i decided on what i want to be when i grow up based on the moment. I remember in primary school, when my teacher asked “what i want to be when i grow up,”  i told her i would like to be a Lawyer and she was happy at my response.
When i got home, i told my mum thinking she too would be proud, guess what she said? You guessed right, she said God forbid… Lawyers are liars and they never go to heaven.           Oh dear! My mum is so funny, her response was so epic… i mean, who says that? I got scared after her comment and changed my mind immediately.


Later on in my life, before i entered secondary school, i changed my mind about what i want to be when i grow up after watching the movie “save the last dance.” In it, Derek an African American said he would like to be a Pediatrician in future because he likes kids when he was asked by Sara what he wants to be when he grows up and that was how Lily fell in-love with Derek and the profession…shinesteeth. I even saw my future and in it, i was wearing a robe and attending to kids, i had this huge smile on my face in my future.



My great dream changed when i got to secondary school…










22 thoughts on “GROWING UP…PART 1

  1. Temitope says:

    Wanted to b lawyer also bt dis bible verse dat say sumtin abt nt judging ur neighbour can’t really remember it scares me nt to be nice one lily of life


  2. I wanted to be lawyer but a friend said when I die, my heart would be ripped out and I’ll be buried with my front side lying backwards. That shii made me changed my mind.



  3. Hahaha@mannie’scomment.people and their false stories…I am sure you know better now.when I was young,I wanted to b a a journalist,weather forecaster, teacher in fact everything . ..I don’t know what made me change my mind to study law…still thinking


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