I finally picked up courage to start my blog today. My friends and colleagues have been on my case since the inception of Lily in their lives…LOL. They kept saying babe when will you start blogging…you need to have a blog…this and that…that and this…LOL. So here i am…

A winking, smiling emoticon

My name is Lily…I’m still trying to find myself, I found out that i am so many things encompassed in one. I’m  a content editor, a friend, sister, mother to my unborn children and my grown children…LOL.







33 thoughts on “FINALLY DID IT…

  1. Wow! this must be the blog with the highest amount of comments ever on a first post oooo :).. Congrats Bubba, I am proud of you.. At all times yeah, just remember that its nothing personal, its just blogging. Cheers… From your fellow Blogger..

    P.S: It feels good to be called a Blogger yeah?!


  2. *Whoop Whoop* Welcome to the wordpressville boulevard “Ore mi/my new neighbour” (awon wordpress bloggers) *wink* I hope you enjoy blogging as much as I have, even tho there are times when I feel like shutting down and walking away. I remember how far Iv come, the dreams I have to achieve and I forge ahead. My prayer for you is that you will be consistent and never run out of content. Looking forward to learning and knowing all that makes up Miss Lily A. Nnoo!!!!

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